GT Peeps Living Consciously Through The Holidays…

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Chicagoland GT Sunday Funday: Girls day of kundalini yoga, chai tea and lunch. We had a very special visit from Samantha Ray and loved every second of it!

The holidays seem to be the hottest time of year to catch up with everyone we have EVER encountered in life.  We squeeze 20 events into 8 nights and paste our biggest smile on for each of them.  Many of us will be pulled in several directions that go against our self-care, like baking sugary traditions, being served alcohol and appetizers with the great advice of everything in moderation, daily schedules are guided by scribbled lists a mile long, all while hopping from social event to social event in between.  We’ll  vow to do things different next year….but didn’t we say that LAST year?

We prepare for a holiday marathon to take place by stocking up on food, booze, frozen meals  and lists upon lists of items to accomplish prior to Christmas.  We arm ourselves with the biggest, strongest latte around and prepare to hit the battle grounds at the malls and grocery stores.  We hear our battle tunes playing everywhere we go and constantly reminded that St. Nick is watching our every move, judging us if we’re naughty or nice.  We awake in the middle of the night remembering last-minute details to shower our loved ones with joy while letting the stress, lack of sleep, processed foods and unconscious living take a toll on OUR bodies.

GT’er Brandy from Chicago stuck to self care through tempting times and loved that healthy, hot new body at her sister’s destination wedding. Her choices of self-care vs. alcohol and sugar over the past several months paid off big time! Congrats Gorgeous!

Let’s make this year different, let’s stick to those changes we vowed to make last December! 🙂

If we choose, the holidays can be for family and friends to enjoy each other’s company and to restore good health.  Gathering can be a great way to feel better, it’s not necessary to induce stress or to stuff processed foods and alcohol down our throat.  Why not change a few things up and start new traditions this year.  Start a new tradition that will nurture the soul.

Personal Trainer and GT’er Linda from Chicago holds the spotlight on the dance floor. She enjoys a night on the town alcohol free & a special meal made just for her!

Start 2013 out FEELING GOOD rather that 10 pounds up from holidays with bloat, headache and joint pain.  Enjoy a restorative yoga class or Xtend Barre class with girlfriends and a cup of warm chai tea after.

Triathlete Jen R from Chicago making Sheri’s Pumpkin Custard Thanksgiving morning with her beautiful children and husband.

Bake a yummy recipe from the new Genesis cookbook with your children.

Personal Trainers and GT’ers Mark, Annie, Kelly and Will gather at the gym for a group workout.

Rather than cocktailing with colleagues after work – gift them guest passes to your gym, have a friendly competition on the basketball court.   Instead of family night at the local pizza parlor, experiment with a new recipe together or be each other’s personal trainer in the gym….this could be fun for siblings.

Personal Trainer Wendy from Chicago swaps roles with daughters on family night and enjoys being trained by her girls.

Spending time with family and friends can be healthy, healing and FUN if we allow it to be.  This year, ENJOY all days leading up to Christmas, make self-care and family care your priority.

Some may not remember what color sweater or how much you drank at the Christmas party (well, depending on the quantity…that might not be true) however; friends WILL remember you picking them up and taking them to the gym or to a yoga class or making them dinner.  Children will remember “healthy date night” making kale chips and watching movies.

GT Mom Brenda from Chicago has swapped out after-school cookies with homemade Kale chips…per her children’s request. Great job Mom!

What better gift to give this year than the gift of health, starting with number one.  Gift yourself with self-care and self-love.  Let’s start 2013 out feeling great, by moving right along with self-care through the holidays, having fun, not stressing over a thing.

Cheers to a new you and a New Year.  I wish you all a healthy and happy holiday season!

Katie Surjan, CPT

Genesis Transformation Coach