Kelly’s Journey: December 2012

Posted on December 2, 2012 by


Well, I did it! Passed the 100 pound mark last week. It was funny because after all the wondering about how I would feel it was pretty normal, not emotional as I feared.  I thought it was still a few days away so I wasn’t really ready and as I stepped on the scale I said  “well would you look at that, 100 pounds”.

Then I looked at my before picture and thought wow, I’m not ready to put that out there just yet. I know it’s important to show the accomplishment of my journey, but I’ll need to ready my mind first because its not pretty.

I am going to continue to rotate for a little while longer so I can work on getting my body fat below 24%.  I’m currently at 26 and have come along way from the mid 40’s I started at.  I also want to loose a few more pounds so that once I start maintenance I will be able to stay over the 100 mark.

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