2 Very Pink Lines

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Holidays should be a time of cheer and enjoyment, right?  But, like many of you, for me the holidays bring along more than a smidgeon of stress and drama.  I expect this holiday season may be stressful for me.  I will be 38 weeks pregnant the week of Christmas, juggling work, attending at least 3 family parties, chasing/caring for a toddler and planning/preparing food.  Plus comes the drama that seems to follow big families, like making sure each individual family has equal amount of time to avoid any hard feelings.  To me, this takes the fun and meaning out of the holidays.

As I write this, our tree is already up with the presents wrapped under it.  I’m jumping the gun a little by having it done before Thanksgiving, but I have a lot to prepare for.  This year, I’m not going to let the stress and craziness of the holiday ruin the joy of the season.  I’ve learned through GT that everything relies on your perception of how things are, what you make of it, and not what other people think.

This year, I’ve decided to make the holidays about myself, my husband, and my daughters.  I’m not rushing to every single Christmas party just because family expects us to be there.  I’m not sacrificing my happiness because of anyone’s opinions.  This year will be about my daughter understanding that Christmas should be a fun time, full of happiness and joy and preparing her for her baby sister.  I will teach her that life doesn’t revolve around what other people think;  life revolves around what you make of it.

By: Amy Zimmerman, RN BSN

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