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Help for the Holidays – Small Group Coaching

October 24, 2017 by


EAT THIS: Holiday “Mock”tails

December 1, 2014 by


It’s Party Time, Holiday parties are here and so are the never-ending displays of sugar cookies, appetizers, company luncheons and cocktails!!  Every year gets a little easier to keep it clean around the holidays, I promise you!!  One way to make it a little easier is having a special glass, filled with a tasty drink at fun […]

Kelly’s Journey – January 2013

January 5, 2013 by


Happy New Year! It’s been quite a month for me as I’ve been working through back and hip pain since the day before Thanksgiving. Because of this I’ve been high on my calories this whole time with little or no exercise (without weight gain!) I was doing so good in rotation and had my sights […]

2 Very Pink Lines

December 2, 2012 by


Holidays should be a time of cheer and enjoyment, right?  But, like many of you, for me the holidays bring along more than a smidgeon of stress and drama.  I expect this holiday season may be stressful for me.  I will be 38 weeks pregnant the week of Christmas, juggling work, attending at least 3 […]

Kelly’s Journey – February 2012

January 29, 2012 by


Overall the holidays were pretty normal because we don’t really do huge celebrations and party’s. Our family’s are out of state and with my Italy trip last fall we decided to stay home this year.  Better for me because I avoided any real temptations. As I write this though I am returning via train from […]

Sheri’s Rants #48: WILL POWER DOESN’T WORK!

December 20, 2010 by


Christmas is in a few days – and I want to bring your attention to the fact that it’s not Christmas you have to look out for in terms of eating clean.  Many many people are successful in staying clean and taking good care of themselves on Christmas; it’s usually a day we plan heavily […]


October 31, 2009 by


In your first few years of healthy living you may want to do some experimenting at the holiday table.  If your family relies on a lot of ‘family recipes’ then go sloooow with the changes – doing small things like cutting fat, reducing sugar, cutting back on the baked goods.  Before you snatch the ‘important […]