Kelly’s Journey – January 2013

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Happy New Year!

It’s been quite a month for me as I’ve been working through back and hip pain since the day before Thanksgiving. Because of this I’ve been high on my calories this whole time with little or no exercise (without weight gain!) I was doing so good in rotation and had my sights set on 24% body fat, so it’s frustrating to hit the brakes and feel like I’ve come to a complete stop so soon after reaching my 100 lb goal.

I think it’s important to note that I continue to stay on track with my food and water so I don’t lose the wonderful progress I’ve made to date. Our crazy brains send out messages of sabotage when we experience bumps in the road like my back pain, and I’ve realized just how important it is to keep things in order and not give in to those signals. Because of this I have held steady to my weight loss and maintained between 154-156 pounds so I consider that a very good thing.

I have to laugh because Don is still traveling for work and has been in MN since right after T-Giving so I pretty much eat the same thing every day. My coach Courtney asked me during our last call if I was tired of my food. Honestly I’m not, because food is more like fuel to me now and no longer serves as entertainment like it once did. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy good taste but it’s much more important to keep my stomach happy. Fuel for the gas tank : )

I hope to have my goal pictures ready soon and thank you all for hanging in there with me during this transition period.

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