Ask Dave: Superfoods

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Dear Dave,

“What is a Superfood…and how much should I eat?”

Karen, Nevada

To provide a meaningful answer we first must define this word; SUPERFOOD. I happen to LOVE this word because it has no specific meaning yet it gets thrown around with such certain authority that it makes me laugh. The general meaning is any food unusually high in nutrients. Since there is no baseline for comparison a great many foods can truly be called ‘Super.’

Here’s where things get interesting…with some research there seems to be an almost endless list of Superfoods…depending on what source is being consulted I have seen virtually every ‘whole food‘ (nothing processed, refined, or adulterated) appear on some lists. Vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy, and grain products have been called Super by some. I have even seen some Superfoods surrounded by clearly NON-Superfoods like sugar and candy coatings (think chocolate covered goji berries!)

And now for my official position on this stuff: Eat all the superfoods you want (or whatever you call your food) but if you are still eating anything that harms you, this is what your body must deal with. Tibetan Goji berries, wheat grass, Blue-Green algae from Oregon, Amazonian Acai, and the very best Balinese Raw Cacao will not cancel out the weekend bender!!! Treat all your foods as the precious life-sustaining SUPER substances that they are. Sourcing the freshest, highest quality foodstuffs is the best way to ensure that all that you eat is truly Super.

See what I mean? BUTTER


(no, butter is not a ‘superfood’ if dairy does not work for you…sheesh…)

Eat Real Food,
Super Dave

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