Kelly’s Journey – February 2012

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Overall the holidays were pretty normal because we don’t really do huge celebrations and party’s. Our family’s are out of state and with my Italy trip last fall we decided to stay home this year.  Better for me because I avoided any real temptations.

As I write this though I am returning via train from visiting my sisters and niece in Michigan.  With me down 66 pounds now people really noticed that I’m becoming a new person. Boy-o-boy is that good for the mind and positive feelings about being on Genesis Transformation and what I’m doing for myself. It was fabulous! Still lots of questions about what I eat and my “special diet”.  I just explain that I eat the way we were meant to eat, without all the processed and chemical laden foods of today.  I gave the news letter web address to my sisters friend so hopefully she’ll sign up and follow along.

It’s funny to me now how I can more easily hear the excuses of others when they talk about how they “wish they had time” and “oh I can’t get up at 4:30 to exercise” or but, but, but.  I used to be just like that myself until I looked at that vacation picture from last year. It’s really awesome what we can accomplish if we just set our minds to it.  Now that this has become a way of life it’s really not as time consuming as it may seem. Just like anything new, it’s challenging at first but gets easier over time.

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