Heart Opening

Posted on January 29, 2012 by


Coach Jayne Ottman, RN

“Detours, challenges and crises are simply covers for miracles that had no other way of reaching you.”  – Mike Dooley

 Over the last 3 weeks, amazing things have happened for me.  Mentally, physically and from the heart I had to shift.

The first was when I was on vacation in Kauai this holiday.  We had lined up a rental car months ago when the prices were reasonable.  When we arrived, no rental car…they “lost” our reservation.  No more cars.  Period.  So we rented bikes and rode everywhere….and because of this, we saw whales, monk seals, dolphins, isolated beaches, tide pools, egrets and breathtaking sunrises.  We rode into the mainland and rode along historic ranches.  We came upon various Farmers’ Markets and ate beautiful local food.  We discovered so much and got a daily workout to boot!

I also took my first art class.  The word “art” didn’t exist in my vocabulary.  I didn’t know the difference between Vermillion color and Watercolor Block paper. Then I signed up-reluctantly.   For three amazing hours I was lost in the peace of painting.  I lifted years of winter blankets from my brain and was able to experience true physical joy-happiness, peace and calm.  I loved the idea of relinquishing my brain’s dominant position of over-thinking for a short while.   I completed a beautiful hibiscus that I will frame.  I will keep painting.

And then there was this cooking class I co-taught.  It was so much fun-creative, easy and yummy.  It was a real “communion” with folks around a table.  I love cooking.  I just never had the idea someone might actually want to pay for it.  The class filled with a wait list.  We talked, laughed and learned.  All of us.  I’ll do more of this.

 I learned that when I am challenged and meet up with detours and crises, there’s a reason.  I just might take in a miracle or two if I open my heart and let the situation unfold.