Peggi’s Transformation – It’s Just the Beginning

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I remember the day I contacted Sheri Lynn like it was yesterday.  I had just turned 47, was still in court dealing with a continuous custody battle after a contentious divorce six years prior, working a new highly visible demanding job, had a 15 pound weight gain in 3 months and a physician telling me that is what happens as you get older!  Really?  That is it?  This is how life has to be?  I have to accept my weight at 172?  I think not.

I was attempting to put my life back on track.  I do not believe that because I was 47 and reaching pre-menopause that I had to accept a round shape.  I had never been round before and I refused to be now! I had a new marriage with a very supportive husband and I wanted to look hot.

I was a classic. I had tried many other programs which were effective for some time but as I returned to my old habits the weight returned. These programs were not working this time around.  My stress level was at an all time high. My cholesterol and sugar levels were climbing. My adrenals were shot and my other hormones were further out of wack with my poor eating habit, alcohol intake, sugar addiction and now the onset of pre-menopause.   Frankly, I didn’t like myself, not just my physical self but my inside self either.  I spend no quality time on self care.  I was way too busy caring and giving to everyone else. I was full of stories and resistance but I knew I needed to change.

In 2010, I attended the first of 3 sessions to become a Genesis Coach.  I was able to put together all of fundamentals that I had been gaining weekly, 20 minutes at a time.  It was like a jigsaw puzzle coming together. After a year of studying, I passed my ACE personal trainer exam and final Genesis testing.  I had become a full fledged Genesis coach.

For me, this journey has not been fast.  It took me a long time to see the correlation of my busy-ness and high stress level and the effects on my body. It was not easy for me to change these habits.  I had beliefs about food, exercise and my busyness that I found very difficult to move past.  My beliefs gave me comfort and control. I stayed at 141 for over a year.  I spent that year getting comfortable with the mental and physical changes that came with my 30 pound fat loss. I also reflected deeply on my own congruency.  I had several friends and relatives watching me in my journey and I knew I could not be an effective coach if I was not walking the talk.

While my weight transformation from 172 to 133 has been awesome, my mental and spiritual transformation has been even more powerful.  After experiencing Kundalini yoga at the first coaches training, I was instantly hooked.  I began to practice this yoga weekly.  I also started to religiously practice meditation every morning.  These morning meditations have grounded me, opened my heart to self love, and have released the negative mental attachments I previously held onto for comfort.

At 50 years old, I am in the trials of peri-menopause and believe it or not, have never been better.  I am maintaining my first weight goal of 133 pounds, in a size 4 and rocking 19% body fat for the first time ever. For me, my journey is far from over.  I do not regret one moment of this transformation and want to shout from the rooftops that no one should ever ‘accept’ the given of their health status, weight, shape or disease. Each of us have the ultimate control of our physical, mental and spiritual potential and I am just beginning!

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