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Many of our readers are aware that GT is in the process of creating GK, Genesis Kitchen, which will be the retail arm of the business focusing on intensely fresh, incredibly high quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  I have received many questions about our new products and especially what sets them apart from the huge variety of oils & vinegars already on the market today.  My head is FULL of information…so I need to download!!!  I will share three major concepts that are towards the top of the list….

#1 – Olives are fruit.  Squeeze them and juice, largely oil, comes out.  What happens to fresh fruit juice when left in the sun, heat, and oxygen?  IT GOES BAD!  Light, heat, and time are arch-enemies of a high quality oil.  There is a widespread misunderstanding that all oils are non-perishable.  This is due to the fact that most people use refined oils – these are not ‘non-perishable’ – but ALREADY PERISHED.  Even many olive oils labelled as ‘Extra Virgin’ are in fact mostly refined – with some true EVOO added back in for aroma and color.

 #2 – Lies My Oil Told To Me.  If your oil is sold in a clear bottle and does not have a ‘BEST BY’ date with a month and year it is not a high quality oil.  There is NO REASON to buy ‘extra virgin’ oil that is not cared for – you are wasting money on a label.  A recent study by UC Davis tested eight major oil brands sold in California for purity, all labelled as ‘EXTRA VIRGIN’; 73% failed to meet the minimum standards set by the IOOC or International Olive Oil Council.  This means they are not extra virgin!  They have lied to you.

#3 – Real Food Tastes Real.  Until you have tried one or more high quality oils you may never know the difference.  Speaking from personal experience – I ONLY became interested in opening a store until AFTER I tasted several oils.  Now of course I want you to purchase our oils – but wayyy more importantly I want you to understand your food.  An oil tasting can truly be a life-changing experience…it will most likely raise your bar of what is acceptable to put in your mouth.


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