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Coach Nettie Bell

I’m thankful for going through detox….. there I said it.   Yes… I’m thankful for it!  Having gone through it, yet again, I have learned another valuable lesson.  I’m not perfect, and I thank god I’m not.  Trying to write this with a fuzzy brain, and so many things swirling around in my head, makes me thankful for Genesis Transformation, my coach, and all the tools she has given me to help myself when I fall.

I talk about detox, because for me it can be so derailing, and detox is something we all go through.  Over a week ago, I went out to dinner with my husband to celebrate his birthday.  I knew I would take a hit on one or more of the many toxic substances restaurants use in their ingredients, so about an hour after dinner, the headache that was forming was something I expected.

Since then I’ve seen my weight jump up and down almost daily, but the fuzzy brain, irritability, self sabotaging behavior, and overall bleak attitude is what frustrates me the most.  I’ve been utilizing all the tools I have learned from my coach to help me get through it, and she suggested I write about it.

So, I decided to bring you along on a journey of my day, filled with all the thoughts, and emotions that go along with this wonderful journey of detox.

Today I let myself sleep in until almost 7:00am.  I use the bathroom, weigh myself……scowl, (catching myself calling myself a loser)  walking into the kitchen I poured myself a cup of coffee.  I add a couple drops of vanilla creme stevia, and a couple drops of English Toffee stevia.  As I take note of the snowy morning, I fill up my water bottle, chastising myself for being short on water yesterday, and down 16 ounces.

7:15(ish).  I closet myself into my office with my training journal, and my brain dumping journal.  After I record my weight, and how I felt this morning, I brain dump.  This is where I just write whatever comes into my head.  I have been utilizing this tool now for about 6 months, however, now I am questioning some of the things I write.  I ask myself things like “is that true?,” “where does that thought come from?”, and then try to make sense out of what is coming out of my head.  Not all the time does it work that way…most of the time, I’m just putting it on paper to get it out of my head.

7:45 am.  I make breakfast which is 1.5 ounces of ground pork (fresh) and 4 eggs.

8:00am.  I hit the shower, and get ready for class.  Sipping on my second cup of coffee, I notice a headache coming on.  I have an idea, so I go back to my daily journal, and notice that I have written notes about headaches every time I have a second cup of coffee… I make a note to talk to my coach about it this afternoon during my weekly call.

8:30 am.  Throw a roast in the crockpot with potatoes, carrots, and onion.  Top it all with green chili’s and a little sea salt, pepper, and garlic.  The house is going to smell delicious.

9:10 am.   I’m heading out the door for class with my journal in hand.  I’ve decided to journal all my thoughts throughout the day in order to get a bead on what my head does during this wonderful time of detox.  (yes, that is sarcasm you detect)

10:45 (am) I’m out of class, and back in the car.  My head is pounding, and because I can’t have water in class, I still have another 16 ounces left in my 32oz water bottle, so I drink the rest of that.  I’m also thinking to myself that getting in enough water is the easiest part of my day, but one I’m falling short of.  “Note to self: Ask yourself why, and journal about that”

11:00 am. Quick stop at the store to pick up groceries so I can have lunch.  6 ounces of baked chicken on top of a big salad filled with lots of yummy vegetables.  As I’m picking up produce, I recognize the first signs of resistance.  The dialogue  in my head goes like this:   I don’t want a salad….I want real dressing…. I want…….I want….I want…..!

(This is how detox, and self sabotaging thought patterns works with me.  Luckily I have my notebook, so I jot those thoughts down, and finish my shopping) Standing in the checkout line, I find I’m irritated it’s taking so long….As I look up, I realize it is an older woman writing a check.  I check my attitude, and realize once again, it’s detox attitude.

11:45 am.   Assemble salad, cut up chicken, mix up my vinegar and balsamic dressing, and sit down to eat.  Once eating, I realize how terrific the salad tastes, and chide myself on making myself crazy in the store.

12:30 pm.  I make the call to my coach.  She gives me tips, and reminds me to continue journaling, and to make sure I get in my meditation.  I have skipped meditating yesterday, and my brain is swirling because of it.  Another self-sabotaging trick up my sleeve.  I vow to meditate!!!   I ask Sheri about coffee, and gain insight to another possible problem.    In my notes, I add that I love having a coach to bounce things off of.  Finish off another 32 oz of water….= 63 ounces

1:15 pm.  I Grab my headphones, my computer, and set up my mat.  Time for meditating……see you in 30 minutes (hopefully)

2:00 pm.  I’m ecstatic!  I made it 30 minutes this time… although the last 7 minutes I had a hard time quieting my mind….This is the first time I have been able to meditate that long on my own, and I’m quite excited about it.

I have to take a head shot of myself to put on the Genesis Transformation website, so I go set up my studio, camera, backdrop, and fix myself up for a photo shoot.  Drink another 32 oz of water.   Now at 96 ounces for the day.

3:00 pm.  Time for studying……..

3:15 pm… I’m in the kitchen surfing the cupboards for something to snack on…..Luckily I catch myself just as I’m reaching for the crackers.  Instead I make myself a cup of tea!!!!  (thinking, stupid DETOX brain!…)  I head back to my office with my tea to finish studying….

4:00 pm.  I’ve decided to have butternut squash with dinner, so I prepare it , and get it ready for the oven…… Time to edit some photos…. I love this part of my day!

4:30 pm…..CRAVING!!!!  I tell myself to breathe…. it will pass…. this too is detox.  I’m not hungry, but now I’m fixated on the crackers I saw in the cupboard when I was surfing earlier.  This I know will make me sick.. I’ve gone that route before, and spent weeks detoxing that…..This craving I hope to control with deep breathing, and drinking more water…..I also grab my journal, and write about it.

5:00pm.  Editing done, and time to watch the news, and wait for my husband to get home for dinner.  I finish my last 32 ounce bottle of water, and relax on the couch.

6:00 pm.  Husband is home, and dinner is done.  Time for relaxing conversation over dinner, and possibly watching a little tv before bed.

8:00pm….I’m still battling the headache, so I make myself some tea, and close my eyes for awhile.

9:00pm…Headache wins.  I’m going to bed. Thankful I didn’t cave to the cravings…also I’m wondering if the journal I am writing in is holding me accountable…..time for sleep!


My biggest challenge changes as I’m going through this transformation.   Right now, I’m working on being patient with the process.  I trust my coach, but being patient with myself, and giving myself time to work through difficult stuff without being hard on myself.  We call this elegant thinking, and it is so important.  I just finished my 3rd coaches training less than a month ago, and what I saw there with the coaches who practice elegant thinking, meditation, and rest was remarkable, and humbling.

What keeps me going is my coach.  Her belief in me, and knowing she has my best interest at heart keeps me going.  As a long time personal trainer, being in the gym, pushing my body was natural, and normal.  Working on my head, and learning new tools to make me better, and stronger mentally is something I credit my coach.  Had she not been there to question me, or to make me think things through, let alone hold me accountable, I would have quit many times over.  Having someone who cares about you enough to hold you accountable for no reason other than your own growth, is a powerful motivator.

My advice to any  newbie would be to be brave, and courageous.  Many people have said to me….I couldn’t do what you are doing.. It looks too hard.  What I would say to them is this.  The person you see in me today is a person who has evolved over many months.  The changes made are small and simple in the beginning, and that is what makes this journey work.  Trusting your coach to meet you where you are right now, and  realizing they expect you to encounter bumps in the road. They are there to help you along the way.  Trust them because they have only your best interest at heart.  The road to true transformation is laden with twists, and turns.  Your transformation is uniquely yours, and is one to be excited about.

This process has changed me the most mentally.  I signed up for fat loss, and in the process learned so much more about myself personally.  This process of fat loss is so much more about personal grown, health, and individuality, than any other process I have encountered.  Things that happened in my past have a different clarity to them now.   I can say it is through the work I have done with Genesis Transformation, and with the help and guidance of my coach, that I am equipped with a broader base of knowledge to handle situations better.

I don’t have a favorite food at the moment.  As a chronic dieter, and one who used to cut her calories to the extreme, I love how MUCH i can eat now.  Food tastes different as you clean up your diet.  The taste of real food with less “stuff” on it is what is surprising to me now.  Where once I used to use sauces, dressing, and tons of salt, I find now I love the taste of food as is was meant to taste.  I couldn’t say that early on in my journey, but slowly over time, my tastes have changed.  That’s not to say that there aren’t foods that are trigger foods for me.  Some foods still hold that allure for me, but feeling good, sleeping well, and not experiencing detox (as I am right now) keeps me from them……(mostly)

Goals:  I’m a goal setter, and I love a challenge.   I turn 50 next year, and I have set a goal to do something new every month of my 50th year.  It doesn’t have to be big, just something I haven’t done before.  I haven’t spent a lot of time setting up all the goals for the big year, but my most current goal will be to continue on this journey of self discovery, and to try to enjoy every aspect of it…. bumps, and all.

I’m inspired by people, and learning new things from them.  Whether it is from my clients, my teachers, my husband, my children, or my grandchildren, I love to learn!  People who feel called to teach inspire me.  I guess you could say people in general inspire me.  My fellow coaches inspire me, and of course, my personal coach inspires me.  She inspires me to be the best me I can be, and in doing that, she is teaching me to love ME first and foremost.

Who knew you could gain all this insight by losing fat?  We at Genesis Transformation know…..;)

The journey is yours to be had…….

Coach Nettie Bell-Newton


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