Adam’s Promise: a testimonial

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Let’s start with the before:

Adam Surjan

200 pounds +

Exhausted even after a good sleep, back pain, joint pain, antacids and acid reducers daily, dry skin, anxiety, not sleeping well, snoring, and believing my own excuses why I am not taking care of myself.

My Story:

I am married to my best friend and Genesis Transformation coach Katie Surjan.  I live with the benefit of Katie’s knowledge and encouragement.  Still, I have struggled over the last few years to figure out why my weight and health had fluxuated recently.  Not until last year have I given in and made important changes in how I eat and drink. I always figured I had time in the future to pay more attention and make my health a priority. Katie offered to help me.

I started paying attention about a year ago after the holiday season played a very mean trick on me and somehow I weighed in over 200 pounds. (Looking back it was our traditional feasts and ample amounts of wine.)  I had been close, but never hit 200. It was my wakeup call as all adult men on my side of the family have eventually become overweight. I witnessed how destructive poor health is as a child and I promised myself when I was a teenager that I would NEVER get fat and unhealthy.

That promise was over 20 years ago, and I had not done a single thing to follow through. My wife has always encouraged me to eat better and work out. I couldn’t have resisted more. I have always been able to make up excuses that I felt were valid.  I have an active job which has allowed me to indulge in fast food, candy, and drink alcohol. I could go all day without eating with little consequence.  Until I turned 35, I could literally eat anything, drink anything and I took full advantage of both.

My wakeup call began 13 months ago, but my first attempt was halfhearted at best, as the first few changes brought me back into where I felt better, looked better, and kept the coach off my back. Soon after getting back to ‘good enough’, I stopped thinking about it and reverted to my old habits. I convinced myself that better was good enough.  I was still accepting of the poor side effects of my choices.  It was better, but it was not until another year passed that I took an interest in what Katie had been telling me for so long.

What I learned over the last 13 months was an amazing revelation-If I don’t make an effort to take care of my body it will not matter what I am doing today for the future because I will not be alive to enjoy it!

This was a huge lesson for me as I always thought there would be time to get control of my health later. The fact is, I was making very similar choices as my father and grandfather. I would criticize how they did it and then turn around and do the same things that put them where they are and were.

Here are the points that I have found to be exceptionally important:

  •  Drinking alcohol regularly was causing me to constantly make bad food choices due to sugar cravings.
  • I was on self-induced blood sugar roller coaster.
  • Failure to think about what I was putting into my body was doing damage that I accepted as normal.
  • A change that is important requires your effort-until the new way is your normal way.
  • Nourishing your body does not taste bad. In fact, it can be awesome if you learn how.
  • Your body knows how to use the correct foods. It has no idea what to do with processed crap.
  • The food I was consuming was killing me. My body was giving me warnings, but I was oblivious.
  • The way I was eating had eventualities-all of them bad.
  • We were not taught the correct way to nourish our bodies for optimum performance.
  • Getting rid of inflammation has immediate, tangible benefits.
  • You need to make room in your mind to make lasting changes. It’s not just about food.
  • Good choices are cumulative. We do not need to be perfect, just conscious of what we do.

The During:

Since January 1, 2013 I have made a very good effort to improve what I eat. I have not been perfect. I have chosen to eat many more times per day. I have chosen to eat food my body knows how to digest. I have shopped for and prepared food in advance for a healthy lunch. I have almost eliminated all alcohol. I have had a few beers in the last 8 weeks, but it is much better than several times a week-and I am continuing to work on it. Getting rid of alcohol has helped me with my constant sweet tooth. I miss bread and pasta, but the couple times I have had it recently I have not felt well the next day. My coach says this will eventually subside. I am eating many more fruits and vegetables than I ever have before and a lot of meat and potatoes.  Raisins have been an excellent substitute for my sweet cravings.

I have accepted that it took me almost 38 years to get here so I am not setting a deadline on my progress.  Instead, I have adopted a philosophy of constant improvement-just like I do for my work. I have realized how my choices affect my mood, and thought process and that I want both to be superior.

Where I am now:

  • 174 pounds
  • No back pain
  • No joint pain
  • Healthier skin
  • No antacids needed
  • No anxiety
  • Sleeping better than I can ever remember; Waking up rested.
  • No more snoring-according to coach
  • Clearer thought and memory.  It is amazing how much better I feel about my work.
  • Making my health my choice and priority

I would have never had the tools to work through the beliefs I had created throughout my life without the help of a coach.  It was not my fault that I did not know what I did not know.  I needed a coach to get me started by showing me that there was excellent nourishing food I could eat instead of the garbage I was consuming.  This process is not a diet- It’s a way you can achieve optimal health; physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is not scary, it is not hard.  It is not easy at first-but there is a prize each time you learn how to better treat yourself.  I recommend treating yourself to your best self.  It is achievable, and it will happen faster than you would ever think.  Take the first step.  I promise, if you give as much effort to improve yourself as you currently give to making excuses why you can’t, you will learn the keys to nourishing your body that will pay you back for the rest of your life.

Thank you Katie, Peggi and Sheri,

Adam Surjan

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