How We Roll: Coach Courtney Townley

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by: Coach Courtney Townley

Courtney HeadshotI am a mama, a GT coach, a busy personal trainer, a lover of life AND oh-so human.  How I roll is far from perfect but I do feel that my lifestyle has a consistent rhythm to it that has rewarded me with a physical state that is healthy, vibrant and happy.   I have more love and respect for my body than ever before because of how beautifully it allows me to play full out in my life.

That being said…I have days I feel unstoppable, incredibly organized and my plans for my self-care flow seamlessly.  And then there are days I feel sloppy, chaotic and, frankly, a little overwhelmed with all that life is tossing my way.  My life is full-to-the-brim with goodness and, if I am being honest here, possibly a little too full. I have an ongoing struggle finding the sweet balance between being mother to a 3 year old, teaching, coaching, pursuing my other interests, and being a decent wife (ah…my poor husband).  Sleep is sacrificed more than I care to admit, so I pay close attention to managing my energy throughout the day.  Naps are my saving grace (everyday, 20 minutes at a minimum) and I simply cannot afford (mentally, physically or financially) the energy lost by eating garbage, being dehydrated or deconditioned.  I eat clean, I train every other day, and I drink water constantly.  Those are my non-negotiables.  That is what keeps me rolling.

This is a typical day for me  (CAUTION: do not attempt this day without a cup of Joe)

4 am  Yes, really.  No, I am not proud of it.  If I don’t get up at this time, the most important hour of my day missed (my power hour) and I simply do not roll without it.  I get up, wash my face, drink roughly a liter of water, take my probiotics and fish oil, take a hit of inspiration via reading, get my head on straight through meditation and prayer, and look over my schedule. Then…. I am ready for battleJ

5 am  Get ready for the day, pack my food, eat breakfast (protein powder in water and a piece of fruit because through a lot of experimenting that is what works best for me before a workout).

6 am  Workout at the gym.

7 am  Teach a small group.

8:15 am  2 hard-boiled eggs and ½ cup of oatmeal.  Hydrate.

9 am  Teach Booty Barre Class (which kicks my butt just as much as anyone else’s)

10:30 am  Train Client

11:30 am  Race to my office (my car), hydrate, and toss in a few almonds and carrots.

12 pm  Teach a Strength and Conditioning Class

1 pm  Dinner leftovers for lunch (salmon and veggies, chicken and yam, or turkey and rice). Hydrate.

1:30 pm  Return Calls/emails/prep for next day’s clients/nap

3 pm  Snack (smoothie or salad)

3:30 pm  Pick up my little man from Montessori

4-6 pm  Play with Legos, Clean house, laundry, prep dinner.  Dinner is one of the following:  salmon with sautéed veggies, roasted chicken with veggies, turkey with salad, lean beef with yams, or stir-fry of some sort.

7-8:30 pm  My son’s bedtime routine:  bath, snack, story and oodles of snuggles.

8:30 – 10 pm   Attempt to catch up on the ever growing “to do” list.  A moment of gratitude for having this day and the energy/health to survive it.  Kiss my hubby goodnight.  Fall asleep as my head descends towards the pillow.

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