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The New Year is FULL of energy centered around health, prosperity, new opportunity and possibilities.  This is the type of energy and excitement where dreams become realities.

Whatever you have done in the past, leave it there.  Starting today, make a commitment to yourself to honor your body and existence with self-care.  You DESERVE health!

To be our happiest, healthiest, most vivacious selves, let’s create a solid foundation to build upon with these 5 simple components of fat loss. 

  • Real Food – Shop the perimeter of your grocery store.  Eat a protein at every meal to lower the overall glycemic load.  Eat 5-6 meals/day.  Preplan, cook in bulk and freeze.  Add Plenty of clean meats and healthy fats. Most importantly, remove processed foods.
  • Rest – Get to bed earlier, if you need a nap, take one.  Your body heals and repairs while we rest.   If your body isn’t getting enough down time, your body isn’t stripping fat either.
  • Exercise – Resistance Training, Strength training, yoga, walking, Barre Classes, Pilates.  Challenge your muscles and get your blood moving.  20-40 minutes of resistance training a few times per week will do the trick.
  •  Water – Aim for one gallon per day.  Our body is made up of 50-75% water, our organs require water to function.  Water flushes toxins, speeds our metabolism, assists in fat loss and will bring clarity to mind.
  • Elegant Thinking – Focus on what’s great in your life and celebrate each victory! Perhaps you went to bed early, swapped out cereal for eggs, meditated, ate an extra meal today, used your gym membership or used honey instead of sugar while baking. Anything you do that serves your health deserves a pat on the back.  Keep your focus here, no matter what else happens during the week, focus on what you’re doing well.

One last suggestion, journal!  Both your food and your personal growth.   Getting real with what we eat is extremely powerful.   You may realize that 2 cookies were actually 22 and or you may realize that 2200 calories is really only 800.

Journal your mood each day – notice how it’s more energetic, lifted, happy, open, excited and joyful as the days go on.

For personal growth, journal your ideas, dreams and all possibilities.  I call these ideas, the songs that make my heart do the disco.  Journal these items and keep it with you throughout the day.  If you ever have an off day or maybe a little self doubt sneaks in, read that journal.  Read who are, your thoughts, your high energy, your passions, your creations, your liveliness; you’ll laugh at that little insignificant moment of self-doubt and redirect focus immediately.

This year, reach for the stars!  Have fun being YOU!  See what you’re made of.  Who are you?  How far can you go?  The possibilities are endless.


sailingKatie Surjan

Genesis Transformation Coach