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The Perfect Human Diet (2012) Director: C.J. Hunt 90 min

Journalist C.J. Hunt undertook a global quest to find the perfect human diet. His own mortality brought about his passion for this discovery. At the age of 24 (1978) he suffered full cardiac arrest and nearly died, his doctors predicting he had a 50% chance of dying within the next year.

Hunt describes various diets he explored over the years, at one point settling on a vegan regimen. He ate vegan for five years until his body no longer responded well to the diet. Once again, he continued his search. This documentary focuses on the information that he used to change his vegan diet into a high protein, high fat diet, with moderate consumption of fruit.

Most of the people interviewed in this film were either archeologists or anthropologists who have extensively studied the evolution of the human diet through data derived from analysis of the bones from these early humans. All of them agreed that in the early Paleolithic era most modern diseases, such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and obesity, didn’t exist.

What changed that health condition? Introducing grain into the diet. Soon, disease became more pronounced. This was the more fascinating part of the film, learning how much healthier the early human body was then than it is today.

Toward the end of the film, a Texas doctor spoke about the patients he’s treating through diet and diet alone. Many of the patients are children with metabolic syndrome and Type II diabetes. He’s found that when he removes all “non-human food,” aka, processed food, from their diets and has them eat a diet high in meat, vegetables (other than potatoes), and fats such as olive oil and avocado, these patients’ symptoms improve dramatically.

There is much more information in this documentary, and it is well worth watching. It gets a little dry at times, but I found the science fascinating. I hope it gets more circulation. When we realize the link between the foods we eat and the diseases we endure, and then modify what we consume, we will enjoy enhanced health and wellness.

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