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December 27, 2013 by


The Perfect Human Diet (2012) Director: C.J. Hunt 90 min Journalist C.J. Hunt undertook a global quest to find the perfect human diet. His own mortality brought about his passion for this discovery. At the age of 24 (1978) he suffered full cardiac arrest and nearly died, his doctors predicting he had a 50% chance […]

GOOD-BYE Diabetes, HELLO Life of Ease

October 6, 2013 by


Through media and beliefs handed to us by others, we have bought the idea that quick, processed foods will help those of us too busy to cook.  All of these “shortcuts” have derailed our body’s natural ability to actually work! Eventually, we go into a state of disease.  Well, thanks to Genesis & Coach Katie […]

Banish the Bloat! Samantha Ray

May 1, 2011 by


Am I bloated, fat, or both?  Ever had one of those days?  Me too! Bloating is swelling of the abdomen resulting in an increased waist diameter due to retained fluids or gas.  This is an absolutely divergent thing from being fat.  A fat person’s tissues have an abnormally high percentage of fat cells.  In a […]

Ask Dave: Canola Oil

February 27, 2011 by


Q:  Why does my coach tell me not to use Canola Oil? (Alan, New York) A: Canola oil is highly processed on many levels starting with it’s name.  There is no ‘canola’ plant in the history books predating 1978.  Canola stands for ‘Canadian oil, low acid’ and was developed by genetic selection of the rapeseed. […]