Banish the Bloat! Samantha Ray

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Am I bloated, fat, or both?  Ever had one of those days?  Me too!

Bloating is swelling of the abdomen resulting in an increased waist diameter due to retained fluids or gas.  This is an absolutely divergent thing from being fat.  A fat person’s tissues have an abnormally high percentage of fat cells.  In a bloated person the tissues have a normal percentage of fat cells. This person is just swollen due to excess gas and fluids.

There is nothing like bloating to make one feel fat, sluggish, self conscious, and uncomfortable. However, as uncomfortable as the feeling is, it is a universally common issue, which affects most everyone.  Because bloating can have several causes, one often doesn’t know where to start to prevent discomfort.  The first step in figuring out the cause of abdominal bloating is determining whether it’s associated with eating or drinking.  Start by eliminating alcohol, salt, sugar, dairy, processed foods, carbonated drinks, anything artificial, eating meals out, and drink 1 gallon of pure water a day.  Move around; strength train, practice yoga/meditation to decrease stress and get outside for walks.  It is also essential to get enough sleep so the body is well rested and able to metabolize the food eaten.  Eat food slowly, chew throughly, and don’t talk while eating.  Chewing gum can also cause more air to be taken in along with disrupting the digestive system if it contains any artificial sweeteners.

Pre-menopausal women and women on Hormone Replacement Therapy commonly suffer from bloating because hormones and bloat are often related.  Yes, I know I am preaching to the choir……..lucky us..:)  However, following the above recommendations allows our sometimes mysterious hormonal bodies to be optimally supported nutritionally and therefore minimize the bloat factor.  In turn this allows us to feel and look better without actual fat loss.  It also frees up our liver to  metabolize any extra fat we may be wanting to see gone before swimsuit season!!

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