Beginner’s Workout #18: featuring Coach Courtney Townley

Posted on May 13, 2011 by


Bridge on Stability Ball:  (15 reps/3 sets)

Start sitting on ball and walk out until your head and shoulders are the only parts supported by the ball.  Keep your knees parallel and your feel only hip width a part.  Holding a free weight in each hand, gently place the weights so they are resting on your hip bones, and then start to lower and lift your hips.  You will be lifting your hips against the weight on top of them.  This is a great exercise to build strength in your glutes and hamstrings while stabilizing with your core muscles.


3 Variations of Chest Press while Bridging with Stability Ball: (10 reps of each/3 sets)

Regular Chest Press – lower elbows to shoulder height, while maintaining a 90 degree angle at your elbow and then press weights together over chest.

Chest Fly – keeping arms straight, open and close arms. 

Chest Press with Tight Elbows – hold arms directly above shoulders, palms facing in, bend and straighten elbows, while keep elbows as tight against the body as possible.  Keeping elbows tight helps to emphasize triceps.


Side Leg Lift on Stability Ball:  (10 reps lift and lower, 5 circles in each direction/3 sets).

Leaning 1 hip on stability ball and straightening the other leg, begin by simply lifting and lowering your extended leg.  Be sure to keep your body on a long diagonal line.  You should feel this in BOTH hips, not just the moving side.  Keep the leg lifted and circle the leg forward 5 times remaining stable through torso, and then reverse the circle.  If this is too difficult on the ball, try it lying on your side on the floor to build up strength.


Overhead Press on Stability Ball:  (12 reps/3 sets)

Sitting on stability ball, feet hip width and hands holding free weights in at shoulder height, press arms over head until weights touch and then bend the elbows until hands are back to shoulder height.  If this irritates the neck, do not touch the weights together over head.  For more of a challenge, balance on 1 leg and alternate arms.

Plank with Foot Lift: (12 reps each leg/3 sets)

Holding a plank on your hands or elbows, practice lifting 1 leg a few inches from the floor and alternate legs until you have completed 12 reps on each leg. This is a great strengthener for the obliques!  For a more challenging variation, try bringing 1 knee to the same elbow without lifting your hips up.

Stationary Lunge: (12 reps each leg/3 sets)

Hands either behind head or reaching to the sides of the shoulders, step one leg back so just the ball of the foot is resting on the floor.  Bend and straighten both legs equally, without leaning forward and keeping 50% of your weight in each leg.  For an added challenge as you come up, bring the back leg up so you are just balancing on 1 leg and then place it back into a lunge.  You can also easily add weight in your hands to challenge the strength of your legs.  These will help you build strength for walking lunges.  Hold onto a wall if you need to initially.