Body/Mind Perspective: Mindful Breathing

Posted on May 13, 2011 by


Mindful Breathing Exercise
A quick 5 minute breathing exercise one can easily fit into your day.  This exercise will invite the body and mind to become more centered, grounded and relaxed. We can ALL find 5 minutes in our day to give ourselves a little self care!!

-Sit in a chair or floor with the spine straight, head upright, hands resting comfortably on legs, and eyes closed.

-Breathe in and out of the nose….softly and quietly.

-Continue to focus on each breath entering and leaving the body.

-If the mind gets noisy return the focus back on each breath or mentally recite, “inhale, exhale”.   Stay present on observing and feeling each breath without commentary or engaging in the mind’s chatter.

-If the mind starts wandering bring the attention back to the breath without judgment or dialogue with thoughts…..let the thoughts go as quickly as they came in and come back to the awareness on each breath.

-Be patient, kind, and don’t judge yourself…..this is a lifelong practice!!

-Most importantly keep breathing, smiling, and relaxing!!