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Ask David: Feeling Salty?

September 3, 2014 by


Dear Dave, There is a lot of hype right now about ‘pink salt’ and how it is so good for you.  We have always used sea salt and are wondering if they are the same or similar.  Ann, CA Dear Ann, This a a food fad that I hope takes hold and doesn’t let go. […]

Ask Dave: Bacon is health food?

June 3, 2013 by


Dear Dave, All of my crossfit buddy’s eat an enormous amount of bacon – they say it’s nitrate free and that it’s perfectly fine to eat at every meal.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they wrap their apples in bacon.  They all do Paleo, stay really active with Crossfit and seem to be in good […]

Banish the Bloat! Samantha Ray

May 1, 2011 by


Am I bloated, fat, or both?  Ever had one of those days?  Me too! Bloating is swelling of the abdomen resulting in an increased waist diameter due to retained fluids or gas.  This is an absolutely divergent thing from being fat.  A fat person’s tissues have an abnormally high percentage of fat cells.  In a […]