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images-3Dear Dave,

There is a lot of hype right now about ‘pink salt’ and how it is so good for you.  We have always used sea salt and are wondering if they are the same or similar. 



Dear Ann,

This a a food fad that I hope takes hold and doesn’t let go. Once you learn the difference between all the salts out there you won’t ever use ‘table’ salt again, and may think twice before using sea salt. I will compare three salts – table, sea, and pink.


Table salt is a highly processed food. What once was a whole food mined from the earth has been chemically cleaned – which removes all the beneficial minerals – and all that remains is Sodium Chloride which is a toxic substance. Table salt requires your body to use extra water in order to rid itself of the toxic salt, in short it costs your body energy that could instead be used for so many other things!


Sea salt was once one of the purest forms of salt that could be found. The main issue with sea salt is the state of the ocean; it is not the pristine place that it once was! Chemical and oil spills affect the entire ocean so while there are still areas that pure salt may be found the risk increases with each year that any given sea salt will contain foreign substances.   


Pink salt is also known as mineral or himalayan salt. There are a few types and locations where it is harvested but the best that I am aware of comes from Pakistan. Pink salt is harvested as large ‘rocks’ that are then broken down into smaller sizes for a multitude of uses. The pink salt lamps that are becoming popular are made from this type of salt (lick one and see for yourself.)

Pink salt has a very high mineral content which serves the body on a cellular level. Rather than depleting cellular water pink salt actually assists in regulating water in the system. There are many other benefits from balancing blood sugar, to regulating ph, to   

preventing muscle cramps. 


While pink salt is some seriously good stuff it doesn’t mean skip drinking water! Pink salt is a whole food – it plays a vital part along with other healthy lifestyle habits. 

Yes I did lick a salt lamp,


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