My Journey to My Life’s Purpose :October

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byron katieThis past month much drama was playing out around me including multiple different family issues as well as my husband’s stepfather in critical condition (and later died).  When all of the separate issues were presented to me, I will admit that I engaged in it.  I got tearful, angry as well as judgmental.  I had opinions on how to make it better.

I wondered, why I was presented this information, what part did I play in it?  Am I responsible? What could I do to make it better?

After a particularly long day of emotion and lots of meditation, I stopped for just a bit and went to my go to:  Bryon Katie’s The Work.  I started the inquiry of Is this true?  Is this mine? What would my life be like without this information. I did the turn arounds.  What I realized is that I was creating the drama of the situation.  My beliefs were what were causing me anguish not the situation itself.  When I was able to see that what I was telling myself and believing was not true nor mine, my tears dried and I was able to allow.

What I also realized is that when we come into this world, we have an agreement with God as to what we will experience here on this earth.  So what was going on in other people’s lives was their agreement and I had no role in interfering with the outcome of that. That was huge for me.  As a mom, nurse and caregiver, I wanted to make it better and yet – that is not my role. 

I backed off, allowed them to go through their situation without my interference yet offered unconditional acceptance and support to them.  I could only do this by removing MY emotion which in turn was more helpful than when I was an emotional wreck. 

Someone told me emotion is attached to a self-serving thought which is usually not true.  This I found to be very true.   Doing Bryon Katie’s Inquiry again opened my eyes to the truth.  Thank you!

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