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There sure are alot of suggestions, theories and diets circulating around at this time of year.  Everyone seems to be seeking a diet…what if, we just ate real food…for life?

I’m often asked what food helps people lose weight. My answer is anything other than processed, sugar laden food.  Fat Storage is merely a sign of inflammation. When I began eating clean food, I ate alot of steel cut oats, potatoes, bowls of rice, peas, chicken, grain fed beef, chocolate yam bars by the casserole dish and protein shakes full of bananas, almond milk and honey.  I worked my way up to eating over 3,000 calories per day, swapped a few cardio days out for strength training and to my amazement…my body was dropping fat and my energy levels were through the roof!

Although most of the  foods listed above would no longer work for my body NOW, my body utilized these foods much better than Fiber One cereal and skim milk, deli turkey on whole wheat, whole wheat pasta with marinara dinners and a glass of wine (or two) with cheese/crackers.   By eating non-processed foods, my body was reducing inflammation, therefore; I was DROPPING WEIGHT, and feeling better!

Once our body hits a plateau from current foods, our coach changes things up and our bodies are able to hit a whole new level of health…fat loss and all!  Fat Loss happens naturally when we eat real food.   Below is an example of a typical day of real, clean food.  I eat about 2200-2300 calories per day and the sweet potatoes were a real treat!

January 1, 2014 Food Log.  Bon Apetit! 🙂

Breakfast: 7:30am  Eggs, Mushrooms, Avocado

1-1-14- 4

Snack: 10:30 am Chicken thighs, Pear 

1-1-14 5

Lunch: 1:00 pm Grass fed burgers on kale, sweet potato fries, GT Homemade ketchup, Homemade Pickles (I don’t always eat sweet potatoes, but when I do…they’re Homestyle Fries roasted with coconut oil and Genesis Kitchen Perfection Spice) 🙂  Served with a glass of Hibiscus Tea, Sparkling Water and a few drops of Stevia

1-1-14 6

Afternoon Snack: 4:00pm – Chicken Thighs

1-1-14 3

Dinner: 7:00pm – Grass fed Steak Fajitas marinated in G-K’s Harissa Olive Oil, garlic and Adobo seasoning, Sauteed onions, Sauteed Bell Pepper, Avocado and Green Mountain Salsa

1-1-14 2


Enjoy food, it’s used to nourish our bodies, what a PRIVILEGE to have that opportunity.  If you want fat loss, just eat real food, drink water, move, sleep and find a time of day to spend a few minutes alone getting grounded.  You might work 60 hours/week, have 3 toddlers, laundry stacked a mile high, friends/family in need, and deadlines at work…you’re going to eat, drink and move anyhow – might as well make it count.  All of those people will benefit from someone who is nourished, energized and feeling good!

If you’re cooking chicken thighs – cook 5 pounds, if you’re making potatoes – throw 10 in the oven, if you’re making steel cut oats – throw enough in the crockpot for a week.  If you’re too busy to spend 15 minutes meditating, find 3 minutes to breath deeply.  Every action is a step towards your goals!

Cheers to a Healthy, Happy and Miraculous Year!

Left: Coming back to GT after the holidays hit; Right: Just 10 months later.

Left: Coming back to GT after the holidays hit; Right: Just 10 months later.

Katie Surjan, GT Coach

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