RN Advice: Virus, Infection or Detox?

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peggi bw 2 editedJosie in California submitted this question: “Why do I get a virus or cold when I am detoxing?  Should I use antibiotics?” 

Josie, this is a great question.  Many of us are returning from our relaxing summer vacation detour in our journey to health.  We begin journaling our foods again eliminating foods/drinks that have created discomfort (inflammation) in our bodies and brains.

Poor eating habits such as decreased calories and ingestion of processed foods (along with stress, lack of sleep and pharmaceutical use) creates inflammation in the body.  This inflammation happens whether we experience symptoms or not!  It is stored in EVERY cell of our body.  As we return to clean eating, the body begins its process of detoxing/eliminating the inflammation in our body.  Clean protein, carbohydrates and fats fuel our damaged cells replacing and releasing the inflammation/toxicity into the blood stream preparing for elimination.

During this trip to the liver/kidneys, toxicity circulates throughout the body and brain causing copious or increased nasal congestion with drainage, headache, joint and muscle pain, low grade fever, hormonal imbalance, changes to bowel habits and some crazy emotional thinking.  Sounds alot like a cold or virus, right?  The body may take weeks to detoxify and therefore we may experience these symptoms for that length of time and more.

Since inflammation suppresses our body’s ability to fight off viruses and bacteria we become prime candidates to contract any bug that comes along.  So how do you know if you need antibiotics?  Only bacterial infections require treatment by antibiotics. They usually are exhibited by more severe symptoms of high fevers, consistent green thick drainage from the nose that does not become clear during the day, severe throat pain and/or headache to name a few. Viral infections mimic the above symptoms of detox and are treated symptomatically.

During detoxification or if we have a cold (virus), it is imperative to practice self-care of increased WATER, REST, daily MOVEMENT to the body to keep our blood circulating, and ELEGANT THINKING along with a lot of patience.  Saline nasal sprays, humidifier use and saline gargles may also be helpful to treat the discomfort.  Symptoms will usually resolve on their own however medical evaluation may be necessary should they escalate and become more severe.   Remember ATTENTION to our journey with SELF-CARE is the key to our health.

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Peggi Ingram RN BSN, CPT
Genesis Transoformation Coach
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