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Jen R, 36  Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered whose body is this and how did it get so out of control!  Who is this obese person looking back at me? This is where my journey of weight loss began.  I was fed up with living in a body that did not resemble the inner me.  I had to get out.  I knew I had to change some habits and make exercise a priority.  I decided to join a gym and add working out to my morning routine.  This worked well to drop about half of the pounds I needed to lose, but I reached a point where running, biking, and swimming as much as I could before work didn’t show any results.  I was stuck and was still considered overweight by reference standards.

On top of my weight plateauing, I continued to get sick all the time.  One of the last times I was sick, strep knocked me down for three days.  I had lots of time to think and reflect on the process of health.  Maybe indulging on chocolate chips thrown into the peanut butter jar after I put my kids to bed was not such a wise choice.  Could it be that the bagels people brought in for meetings at work were having a negative effect on my state of health?  According to all the societal ideas about weight loss didn’t I just need to worry about calories in verses calories out?

Here is where Katie Surjan, Genesis coach extraordinaire, comes into the story.  I had heard from Katie that there was a way of healing our bodies and metabolism with food.  She had these revolutionary ideas about exercise and as I lay in bed sicker than a dog, I thought it might be worth a try.  Looking back, this was the saving grace for me and my family.  Change was frightening, but as I learned more about fueling my body properly and exercising knowledgably it was easier and easier to treat my body with respect.  I could see through this experiment what certain foods did to my body.  I used exercise as a tool to burn fat and build strength as opposed to taxing my heart and stressing my body.  Those extra pounds came off, my muscle mass increased, my energy level shot up exponentially, and clarity of mind came rushing in.

The weekly talks with Katie were informative and motivating.  We laughed, we cried, but most importantly I gained the knowledge needed to respect my body for life and teach my children how to do the same.  Now I look in the mirror, snicker at my impressive biceps and flat abs and welcome back the outer me that matches the inner me.

Jen R, Chicago

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