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lyndsey headshotToday I have cleared my schedule in order to take some time to spend with my dogs and my husband.  Justin has been gone for the past month, he was at a military training school.  We had basically no communication the entire time.  It was very intense for him, and challenging for me.  Though I must say not as hard as the yearlong deployment he returned from in September.  So, today I have planned something fun, and relaxing!  And fortunately the sun is shining!

5:30 am – Wake up, and weigh in.  I love this time of year when the sun is already rising at this time.  My dogs follow me out of the bedroom, since the sun is up they think it’s time to eat.  I fill my 480z water bottle, and while my coffee is brewing I drink about 16oz.  I sit in the living room drink my coffee, and pick up a knitting project, I let my mind relax.

6:00 am – The dogs are now sitting next to their food bowls whining, time to feed them! After they eat they go back to bed (they have a rough life).  So this is when I set my yoga mat on the floor and get my meditation in.

6:30 am – I enter my food in Genesis for the day.  Then I make my way into the kitchen and start preparing my meals.  I also like to enjoy another cup of coffee at this time!

7:00 am – Time to eat breakfast #1 Sheltons ground turkey that I have seasoned like breakfast sausage, 1/2 an avocado and 1/2 an apple. Also finish up my first bottle of water

8:00 am – Go to the gym with my husband, today is leg day.  These workouts tend to be intense, but I love building muscle!  I have finished 1/2 of my second bottle of water.

9:00 am – Shower and get ready for our adventure! All our food is made, but I still need to divide it up into snacks and meals, I love labels and organization.

10:00 am – breakfast #2 more turkey, the other 1/2 of my avocado and apple. Finish the rest of my second bottle of water.

10:15 am – the dogs are loaded up in the car, and we head out. We are off to one of our favorite spots that’s pretty close by; Upper Whitefish Lake.  We are going up there for the day, just to be outside, let the dogs swim and enjoy the sun.  Hopefully the puppy (Remi) will get in the water since this will be her first time at the lake.

11:00 am – we arrive.  Mac sees the water and starts getting excited.  Justin makes a fire in the fire pit.  I am searching for a stick to throw for the dog.  I find one and we play for a while but the water is still so cold I make him take a break, Remi is still very unsure about the whole swimming thing.

12:30 pm– We grill some burgers for lunch, and serve them with a big salad that has been drizzled with Genesis Kitchen Lemon EVOO and Cinnamon Pear balsamic. Of course I drink water.

1:00 pm– we take the dogs on a hike.  It’s still pretty muddy but we all have fun anyway.

3:00 pm – I am starving!  So I have my second lunch another burger and some more salad.  More water.

3:30 pm – Throw the stick for the dogs some more.  I love watching them play. Justin and I have been catching up all day, and he has been regaling me with stories from the military training he has been on for the last month.

4:00 pm – Pack up our stuff, and get the pups in the car, they are pooped at this point (this doesn’t happen often). We head on home.

5:00 pm – My parents call to see if we want to come over for dinner.  Since Justin hasn’t seen them in a month we agree, plus now I don’t have to cook! (My mom is awesome about cooking GT friendly and catering to my numbers!)  Another bonus of living so close to family

5:30 pm – Feed the dogs, they are looking at me like I forgot to feed them!  Head over to my parents’ house (4 miles away)

6:00 pm – Dinner, grilled chicken breast, grilled veggies and another large salad, this time with GK Tuscan Herb EVOO and Sicilian Lemon white balsamic.  We engage in very lively and hilarious dinner conversation, nothing out of the ordinary for us.  My third bottle of water is finished, and that marks my gallon.  So I am switching to bubbly water or tea!

9:00 pm – Wow it is still light out, this time of year always throws me off!  Time for us to go home!

10:00 pm – Bed time. Tomorrow both of us actually have work to do, but we had a wonderful play day today!


1.What was your greatest challenge when you began your Transformation?

When I first began, I was always concerned about being judged by others.  I found myself shying away from social events so I didn’t stand out for choosing not to eat certain foods, or drink alcohol.

2.What kept you going?

Feeling better, and being really happy kept me going.  I had confidence, my body was changing and I had found strength in myself, that I was doing what was best for me.

3. What advice would you give someone just starting a Transformation?

Trust your body. Learn to listen to your body. The most important…Love yourself no matter what, use nice language, and don’t beat yourself up for a mistake. Also, meditation doesn’t hurt, it actually makes a huge difference!

4. What aspect of Transformation continues to challenge you?

I am still challenged with not judging myself based on what my body looks like, and letting that determine how I feel about myself.

5. How has Transformation improved your Life?

Transformation has changed my life so much I am not sure where to start…I am happy, and I have a very positive relationship with food, something I never had in the past, and more confidence in myself than ever.

6.What is your current favorite food or meal?

Grass fed/finished Burgers and avocados.

7. Do you have a current favorite way to work out?

I love weight training.

8. Whats your favorite workout music?

I don’t listen to music when I work out, I know this is strange, but I workout with my husband and we actually like to chit chat, or motivate each other!

9.Do you have any goals for the next year?

My goal for this year is to hit my transformation goal, and compete in a figure competition.

10. What inspires you?

My friends and family inspire me on so many levels, I love watching them make changes in their own lives. But mostly my husband Justin inspires me. His dedication as a soldier, blows my mind. Everything he has sacrificed, without any expectation of getting something in return keeps me inspired, and constantly reminds me to keep growing for the better.

Lyndsey walkingLyndsey and Justin

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