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peggi bw 2 editedI remember when I first started GT (when I thought of this as a diet).  Vacations were a time to let go, get away and escape from reality.   I planned vacations at all-inclusives and enjoyed the abundance of food and drink.   I had worked very hard during the year and since we only vacationed once a year, I felt I deserved to treat myself.

Unfortunately, I would return from vacation feeling major joint pain, weight gain, congestion and irritable bowel.  It would take me weeks and sometimes months to get back on track.  My head would be foggy and I would struggle to get back into the healthy habits I had practiced for a year.

After the second all-inclusive vacation, I smartened up and saw the correlation.  Crappy food and alcohol for one week made my liver, body and especially brain unhappy for a very long time.  I started to ask myself questions: Was this one week of escape worth the consequences I felt months later?  What would a vacation look like if I ate AND drank clean?  Would I still feel as if I escaped?

I was willing to give it a try.  The next vacation was booked at a condo with 2 grocery stores across the street.  I cooked all but dinner each day and ordered the cleanest thing on the menu.  I also made a choice not to imbibe in my favorite alcoholic beverage.  I continued my healthy habits and guess what?  I returned from vacation rested, relaxed and full of awesome memories. I felt great and was able to detox the minor ingredients I ingested from dinners out in record time.Peggi and Terry

Finally, three years into GT and I had come to the realization that this was not a diet.  This is a way of life.  The body NEVER takes vacations.   It demands good FOOD, plenty of WATER, and REST all year long.   Wrapping my head around this natural law has been quite a revelation for me.   Every hour, every day, every weekend, every vacation, I make the choice for HEALTH.

Peggi Ingram RN BSN, CPT
Genesis Transformation Coach
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