My First Vacation As A GT Client, by Mary Ann W.

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Vacation????? I CAN DO IT!!!
I just finished my first week away since beginning my transformation with Genesis! I MADE IT & I’M SO HAPPY! With careful planning and counting the number of meals that I needed for a week and bringing “back-up food”:  it went so smoothly, even I was amazed. Group lunches, banquet dinners, I did it all.  The results….no detox, total satisfaction, down another 3 1/2 pounds, down another 3 units of insulin.
I started on Genesis January 17th. My coach worked through my “old” ideas, patiently giving me “suggestions” along the way. After changing my old habits and realizing that my coach had more “correct” knowledge than I did I decided to try what was best.
After four months I have created new habits and a lifestyle that is getting me back to much better health than I could ever have imagined! What really caught my attention was after 11 days I was dropping weight AND diabetes medicine! What?  How could this happen? That was my inspiration to continue.   I have weight to lose but my goal was really to reduce my muscle pain and be able to walk better and further. In the past 4 months I have lost 42 1/2 pounds, reduced my insulin level from 72 units a day down to 41 units a day and cut my diabetes pills from 5 a day to 2 a day! I’m ecstatic now knowing that I can survive a week away and stay on track with my transformation!
Food I brought on my trip:
  • boiled eggs
  • omelette for 4 days
  • frozen spicy chicken sausage
  • grapefruit
  • chia seeds
  • apples
  • frozen cooked chicken
  • frozen cooked steak fajita meat
  • frozen chili
  • Salad in baggies with vegetables.

By midweek the frozen food started to thaw in the room refrigerator, which was perfect. I also filled a couple of ziploc bags with ice, put one in the refrigerator to keep it colder and one into a soft-sided cooler that I kept salad & vegetables in.  I took a smaller soft sided cooler with me in the morning each day with my lunch and then refilled it with my dinner so I could eat again with my friends.

Thank you Coach Katie & Genesis Transformation for helping change my lifestyle and travel the road to much better health! Oh, and I’m planning another week vacation in two months – without the worries that I had before this one!  Plan and you’ll enjoy yourself on vacation too!
Mary Ann
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