Vacation And The Aftermath – Supercharged Or No Charge

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vacationSome folks take a vacation to completely escape all forms of reality, others decide they need a little “break” from self-care for a week, and others will use vacation as a time to completely restore with rest, tropical fruits/vegetables, message, soaking up the sun, swimming in the ocean, unplugging from social media, detaching from daily stressors, and to nourish their bodies…and minds.   There is no right or wrong way to vacation, but reality might make you feel like you did “right or wrong”.  

Vacation will come to end and we’ll be back into the lifestyle we were escaping a week or two earlier.  This is the time where choices made on vacation either supercharged us or left us feeling like we had NO charge!

If Rest and self-care is high on vacation, we’ll return feeling:

  • rejuvenated, light on our feet
  • energized with complete clarity
  • ready to tackle anything at work or home projects
  • we’ll return with fresh thoughts and supercharged
  • Body weight will be down
  • We won’t have any odd cravings for sweets or salt
  • We can jump right back into the place we left with MUCH more energy and clarity.

If vacation consists of processed foods, sweets, alcohol and late nights, we will return with:

  • bloat
  • exhasution
  • Runny nose, itchy eyes, sore throat while detoxing
  • crankiness about weight gain
  • achy joints while detoxing
  • foggy head, unclear thoughts
  • Craving the very foods that put us here
  • Negative thoughts about self
  • Beat self up about what we ate/drank
  • Defensive about what we ate/drank, because we were on vacation
  • Stressed or anxious about jumping back into work due to exhaustion
  • Funny bathroom stories

My last vacation to Mexico, I asked myself: What am I after with this time away from work and from frigid Chicago.  I was after quality time with my husband, warmth, water activities, time away from technology, and energy restoration.

The first week was spent at an all-inclusive, the food wasn’t supplying me with the nourishment I was after and the grocery store only had eggs and fruit (which was a blessing).  I did what I could for the first two days but decided I wanted good food while on vacation.   I wanted to return feeling great, not drained or detoxing so I decided to do something about that.

My husband and I went deep sea fishing to catch wild fish and to be out on a boat for the day.  The crew cleaned our catch and I brought it back to our all-inclusive resort to eat the rest of the week.  It was DELICIOUS AND SO MUCH FUN!   I still went through cravings and detox from eating out at restaurants (for over a month) but my weight didn’t skyrocket, I stayed away from my laptop and phone, I had a blast with my husband and we restored our energy banks with rest, laughter, sunshine and the ocean.  I obtained what I was after!

I often hear people say to me, boy, I need a vacation AFTER vacation just to relax….well, isn’t that what we paid 1,000’s of dollars to do? But instead we pushed ourselves in the opposite direction.  We might want to ask ourselves: What exactly are we vacationing from?

If we do not like our reality, we can change that before we even step foot on a plane.  We can change how happy we are, how relaxed we are, how nicely we talk to ourselves, the work we do, the boss we have, we can change all of that by thought and action.  Get yourself into a place of happiness as an everyday reality NOW!  When we vacation we just FURTHER INTENSIFY that health and happiness by enjoying life even more without the daily tasks we have placed upon ourselves.

What are YOU after with your vacation?  Plan accordingly and have a blast, both during and upon your return home!

Happy Summer Travels,

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