RN Advice: Inflammatory State of Mind

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dinner outI just returned from a wonderful relaxing week of vacation; sun, surf, good friends AND food in another country.

Right away I realize my article for the newsletter is due in 2 days.  Oh my, I don’t think this will be good.  I have no idea of what to write about.  My brain is full of disconnected thoughts of irritation, irrationalization and frustration.  EVERYTHING irritates me.  The thought of getting up for work puts me over the edge let along the 400 emails waiting for me.  Then there is having only 2 open check-out lanes at the grocery store with 15 people in front of me.  Really?  I want to go back to Mexico!

Have you ever been here?  Can you relate?  The funny thing is this is how I used to be ALL THE TIME.  This was my norm; drama, irritation, frustration and blaming.  Honestly, couldn’t the store open up more checkout lanes? Don’t they know I only have 3 items to buy and I’m starving?  Did everyone really need to send me an email?  Didn’t they know I was on vacation?  Work, it is so overrated.  Wow, to think this is how I used to think!

Although we bought and prepared most of our food, we did eat out one meal a day.  Eating different foods, drinking foreign water and dining out (although specific in food preparation request) opens the door to ingesting new toxins and other chemicals that the body has previous rid itself.

While my thoughts have returned to a jumbled bundle of irritation and disconnection, I KNOW this is a TEMPORARY state due to inflammation.  I know keeping my trap shut is very important.  Also, taking care of me, returning to my normal foods, increasing my water, and spending a lot of time meditation will keep me centered and clear the toxicity very quickly.  Do I think the mental jumble is worth the week away?  Absolutely!  I just Thank God I didn’t indulge in the Grande Margaritas and Cervesas!

Peggi Ingram RN BSN, CPT
Genesis Coach
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