Isn’t Life Grand??

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Two years ago Katie, Kelly and I, with our families, went to Cozumel on vacation.  I had been doing Genesis for 2 years, Katie was on again off again and Kelly seemed to be doing her own thing.  Even prior to us leaving, I felt differently about this vacation.  Having just completed my coach’s training, congruency was forefront in my mind.  Even though I knew these 2 friends would never judge me, I felt the need to walk the talk.  I felt as they would be watching me.  Could I enjoy a vacation with friends and family and stay on track? Would it be hard to eat and drink healthfully in a foreign country when everyone else around me wasn’t?  Could I be the example that Genesis is easy and my way of life even on vacation?

We have just returned from our yearly vacation in Cozumel and the pictures are absolutely astounding.  That 2011 vacation was indeed a turning point for all of us.  Following our return in 2011, Kelly started Genesis with Courtney and has never looked back.  Down 105+ pounds, the pictures are absolutely amazing.  Katie initially continued her on again off again process until over a year ago when she became a personal trainer and completed coach’s training.  She is deeply immersed in her own journey and an inspirational coach to many.

Was I really the impetus for these great changes in my friends?  Could I really take the credit for these awesome transformations?  Yeppers, I think I can!  But the credit I take is introducing these awesome women to Genesis Transformation and being true to myself; their journeys are their own.  Whether we want to be an example or not, others watch us closely and are inspired by our transformations.  So always look like you are having fun because you never know who is watching.

Yippee, Wahoo, Congratulations to the 3 of us on a job well done.

Kelly Comparison

Kelly Before and Now


Peggi Before and Now


Katie Before and Now