I’ll have the chicken, hold the sex please

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Many ‘natural’ food stores attend some type of trade show to find new products to put on the shelves.  I recently attended EXPO WEST – a trade show of monstrous proportions located in Anaheim, California geared towards the ‘NATURAL FOOD INDUSTRY’.  The show is nothing short of overwhelming; people pushing food in your face, crowds everywhere, people snatching samples left and right, and lots of SEX.

Yes, sex.  Many vendors hire help to represent them at the show.  The help is frequently dressed in such a way that would work well in Vegas – and I mean Vegas at night.  BARE Chicken had two young ladies dressed ‘bare’ in pantyhose-type gauze on their private areas, with a ‘leaf’ also providing some scant coverage.  These ladies walked the floor of the show, gave out magnets, and posed for pictures with any desperate dude that grabbed them repeatedly during the minute or so I was nearby.

While I am a young man and have always felt an affinity for the opposite sex I found this appalling.  Why use such a lure to grab attention for a ‘Natural Food?’  Who are they trying to appeal to?  It occurred to me that so much of this industry is about IMAGE.  The ACTUAL doesn’t really matter as long as the attention is grabbed and the product sold.

Along this vein I frequently find products loudly extolling their healthy virtues, while having sugar and/or chemicals listed in the ingredient list.  I was approached by a young lady (tight shirt, lots of makeup) handing out samples of ‘3 second health’, a small bottle claiming to BOOST MY IMMUNE SYSTEM.  She assured me that it had no stimulants and I NEEDED IT to get through the EXPO unscathed.  With evaporated cane syrup (sugar), potassium sorbate (preservative), and natural plant flavors (no telling what that is) listed in the ingredients declined and told her I’d take my chances.

After a few days of reflection the overall theme of the industry became clear:….If it LOOKS GOOD, TASTES GOOD, and the consumer PERCEIVES SOME BENEFIT, there is much money to be made.


Thats her!  See what I mean?  Scandalous.

David Cohen, founding member of the Association Against Revealing Gross Humans

(otherwise known as AARGH!)

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