Detoxing is Not for the Faint of Heart

Posted on February 3, 2013 by


MicheleIn life, there is typically an action and then a reaction or consequence that follows.  When we look at the food and drinks we ingest, that holds true as well.  As Sheri Lynn taught me, long ago that with every bite we take we are either generating or degenerating our health.  Yes, EVERY bite.  Each bite, and the foods that make up that bite, are going to be broken down to either nourish our bodies and support or create healthy cells, or they will break down cells and cause our bodies to degenerate at a faster than normal rate, thus setting up a body for illness, disease and premature aging.
When it comes to food or drinks that cause inflammation in the body, often the inflammation goes unseen.  Sure we may notice our face is puffy, the rings on our fingers are tight, and our pants fit a bit snugger, but in reality, inflammation goes far deeper in our bodies than the inconvenient puffiness of water retention.  Chronic inflammation goes hand in hand with significant lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.
When we eat the foods that make up the standard American diet, to which I will lovingly refer to as toxic poo, there is an initial assault on the body followed by the  longer term effects of illnesses and disease such as joint aches and pain , breakouts,  sleep is disturbed or it can verge on insomnia, concentration becomes an issue along with the feeling of “foggy brain”.  Moods can swing like a raging pendulum and the scale will see an increase, and that increase will likely mess with our heads and tell us “see, this doesn’t work, now go grab another cookie”!
I know through my own experiences with detoxing out poo, a number of things happen.  In my body, I notice bronchial congestion, sinus issues, sore throat, headaches, a combination of fatigue with poor sleep at night, I have a hard time concentrating and the world seems wildly dramatic and chaotic.   My thinking turns negative and verges on sabotaging behaviors.  Detoxing is different for each person, and there are a number of symptoms associated with detoxing that your coach can go into far greater detail than what I am writing about today.
When the inevitable happens and our bodies begin to go into detox mode, the key to detoxing is supporting your body as best you can, reach out to your coach for additional support and take some time to go a little deeper into your journal.  Detoxing is not for the faint of heart, but it is a necessary function of our bodies, and hopefully not a frequent event.  You will survive and come out healthier on the other side.  The benefit for me when my body is clean is that my knees no longer feel like they belong to a 90 year old woman, my skin glows, I sleep like a baby and my brain is fully engaged.  Nothing and I mean nothing, feels better than that.
Michele John, Genesis Transformation Coach