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Kelly Mortensen In preparation of writing this article for the “Newbie” edition, I started thinking about where I am at, and realize I’m a little jealous. After years of being a part of Genesis Transformation, lately I have felt myself getting a little complacent. Just rolling along…doing what I do… day in, day out, feeling pretty OK. Yeah, just OK. Now, please understand, my OK today is WAY different compared to when I was a newbie… but, I’m not “up to snuff” when it comes to being totally tight with my numbers and working hard toward a goal. I’m just moseying along, being OK, putting my work and others before myself. Well…I’m tired of just being OK. I want to be GREAT! I want to have that euphoric feeling of being a newbie again… that bright eyed sense of knowledge and empowerment. That excitement of learning new things that work for my body and make me feel like a well-oiled machine.. not just the 9-5er that manages to squeeze in a half-assed workout, and shoves all my food in at the end of the day because I missed a meal.

I need to shake things up… so…I am declaring myself a NEWBIE again! I’m going back to the basics. I am reading my journal from 5 years ago and remembering how I was feeling at that time… and taking the time to appreciate how far I have come. Looking at the foods I used to eat (cringing) and remembering why I no longer eat them! Taking those lessons that seemed so impossible at the time, but are so simple, and re-focusing them into my lifestyle now. I’m also breaking out my old workout journal and starting from scratch, remembering how great those beginning workouts can be. Basically, I am just really opening my eyes, paying attention, and pretending that this is all new again; changing my routine and my mind-set in order to change. Newbies…I’m right there with you…Let’s go…!!
6:30 am – up and at ‘em… hit the shower. Weigh myself, and write down how I am feeling (this is a MUST for newbies! I’m so glad I did this…interesting reading now).

6:45 am – cup of coffee with protein powder and homemade coconut milk or hemp milk. Do some last minute business paperwork for our family business then run and get beautified for the “real” job

7:30 am – Pack lunch from leftovers from the night before while scrambling 5 eggs from my beloved pet chickens

8:00 am – Work & the daily grind…enough said. More coffee… (this is a habit I want to work on…) Drink water to avoid saying what I really want to say to the guy standing in my office…lol.

9 am – Shut my door in order to have a few minutes of peace to eat my eggs. Take a moment to be very thankful for my chickens and drink water. Open the door and crack the window because now my office smells funky.

12 pm – My daughter shows up to have lunch with me – which reminds me that it’s lunchtime ….oh, there’s the tummy growl! It’s working again! (today’s menu: Grass fed beef cube steak with squash and a splash of GK Blood Orange Olive Oil) YUM! We both take a moment to oogle over how good this Local Grass Fed cow is… really… how can a stupid cube steak taste so good??

3:00 pm – snack – protein powder and an orange

4:30 pm – 8 and hit the gate. (I know… I’m boring) drink water on the way home and call the husband (hands free of course) to task him on a few things I know I don’t have time for… honey do! He’s such a good boy.

5:00 – After the “greeting of the dogs” run in the house and change. Go let the chickens out for some free-range time and collect the eggs – then head out to my gym. Treadmill to warm up min then pull out an old workout sheet. Do first set no weight, then add weight to 2nd and 3rd set. Water during workout. Cool down with a good stretch. Write in my training journal (another Newbie must). Thankful for taking this time to myself; #1 habit in my list to improve on.

6:00 pm– Hubby has cooked chicken on the grill and I pull out the HUGE salad we made on Sunday. GK olive oil & balsamic for dressing. Slice an avocado on top and chicken…bam. Easy dinner. More water with dinner.

7:00 pm – Sit down to run payroll for our business and other business tasks for us and my other clients. I’m a little jacked up from my workout and get caught up doing “stuff” until I realize it’s…

9:00 pm – I should probably wind down so that I can sleep. Make some tea – watch a little TV.

9:45 pm – Bed. Be thankful that I did what I planned to do today – I ate clean, I had elegant thoughts, I drank water, and I got some exercise. Now, get immersed in a good book – sleep inducer every time! …then realize I forgot to shut the chicken coop…. “honey…??”Kelly Mortensen #2

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