Cindy and Rachel’s Excellent Adventure

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“All I want for Christmas is a food processor and spiralizer.” I can’t believe those words just came out of my mouth!!

Five short months ago, I was living my life as I always have…a busy working mom, eating most meals from carryout. “Home cooked” meals were from the deli counter or frozen meals section. My meals were supplemented with lots of chocolate throughout the day, “for energy”, and large scoops of ice cream at night, to comfort me after a long day. My adult daughter was developing similar eating habits. We both became tired of feeling tired, unhappy with our weight, and worried about the effects this lifestyle was having on our health. Together, we reached out to GT…and our life has changed so much!

I had become increasingly willing to take an honest look at my eating habits, my sugar addiction, and my fear of the impact on my health as I age. My daughter, having been raised by me…a mother who “lovingly” taught her family to celebrate life’s happy events, as well as survive sadness and stress with food also found herself hoping to change her habits and also contacted Katie. What began as a narrow focus on eating healthier and losing a bit of weight soon became life changing.

In the past five months, my daughter and I have enjoyed our first vacation together where the focus was on trying new activities instead of new desserts! We had our first “clean” Thanksgiving, and had a great time choosing recipes and cooking together. We now ENJOY cooking; we share food; we talk to each other through moments of temptation; and we celebrate each others successes! We have lost weight, seemingly without even noticing when it happened, because the best part has been finding our true selves and sharing THAT with each other. I am grateful to be on this path to transformation.



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