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The intent of these words is to elicit a proactive response in you, the reader. I have seen people take their food choices into their hands and seen great changes happen as a result. The choice is yours, to take your options back from those who are choosing for you or to stay on the hamster wheel of disintegration.  Harsh words, I know.

As of November 19th, 2015, the FDA (food and drug administration) have deemed GMO salmon worthy of human consumption. This did not come as a shock or surprise since the FDA has an excellent relationship with the ‘food industry’ and the small handful of huge companies that dominate how food policy is created. Further (this is scary) The FDA deemed it not necessary to label the new GMO fishlike creature. You, yes, YOU will need to research where and what you buy if you don’t want to consume it.

One recurring theme that emerges regarding food policy is that of cost; being a nation based largely on capitalist principles this makes sense. Decisions are often made touting the savings that we, the consumer, will benefit from. With GMO salmon the fish will grow faster, eat less, and supposedly cost less than their ‘naturally’ farmed or wild-caught counterparts. To illustrate the long term folly along this avenue of reason lets look at another American food icon: BEEF. 

Back in their early days beef ranches were in some ways a lot like today’s salmon farms. They took a natural process; animals roaming and eating what was available, and controlled it – with barbed wire. Many early cattlemen were incensed at this aberration of what was once a free and open landscape and many conflicts arose. Today fences are the norm, and salmon farm fences are becoming common along coastal areas. We were once incensed, then we got used to it.

The next step in beef’s transformation from a natural food to a dangerous one was that of the fat, or marbling, that many people still prize as a sign of a decadent yet affordable treat. The first American ranchers only knew grass fed beef so they selected the best breeds for this, and many treated the pastures accordingly. However with successive generations and insidious greed came the destruction of once intact, renewable grasslands and the need for different food sources; enter CORN. This plant is responsible for marbling as the animals can not break down the Omega 6 fatty acids and must store them in their tissues. We are just now seeing a widespread surge in grass fed meats – even importing great quantities from Argentina, New Zealand, and other foreign lands.

To put this all in perspective; A LOT of money was made here from beef ranching – industrializing an animal, and a LOT of money is stood to be made on further boosting production in the salmon farms, industrializing another animal. But who will benefit? Will it be shared to reduce our collective struggles or concentrated in the hands of the few? Will it restore any of our lands to balance or leave indelible marks to be seen and taken for granted by generations to come? There is always a cost to our food, the question is whether we will pay it or pass it on as a debt to our descendants.

Many people are starting to choose to pay more for better food and that is a beautiful thing. It is a sign that we value our sustenance, we are not ‘low octane’ creatures capable of vitality on a shoestring, rather we are precious organisms – complex beyond our comprehension – and we deserve the highest octane fuel there is. Where to find that? Grow your own. Buy it from people you trust. Befriend a farmer, maybe they will grow some for you. Please, whatever you do, don’t haggle with them, our lives literally depend on their efforts.

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