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As I sat down to write an article this morning, I couldn’t decide which way to go for the new year, you know – for the Mack Daddy of articles to inspire. 🙂 I sat down in my chair, asked for some guidance and opened my email to today’s Daily Word.  I couldn’t say it any better than what was summed up before me in today’s word. wrote these words:

“As this new year begins, I focus on my life—where I have been and where I see myself going. I review my accomplishments and mistakes with honesty. What am I most proud of? What do I want to change and how? I begin by accepting my current circumstances honestly.

Each new year brings unlimited possibilities to write a new story. I am true to myself and focus on what is really important. From this awareness, I create an authentic life that reflects who I truly am.

I am unique and my life is unique. I am creator, director, and writer of my story, and I direct it in a way that brings the greatest joy for myself and others. As I live authentically, I enjoy a life of well-being and love.

For this I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth.—John 18:37″

My FAVORITE part of this Daily Word…..WE are 100% responsible for the outcome of our body!!  I LOVE that!  No matter the circumstance, we can rewrite the story…..we choose our outcome by thoughts and actions. If we are not satisfied with our current body, we rewrite our destiny, one action at a time.

Start here:

  • One gallon of water/day
  • Eat Protein every meal, eat God made food vs. man made food. Start by excluding refined sugars and chemical sweeteners
  • Move daily – weights, walk, yoga, stretching, foam roll – whatever, just move
  •  Sleep (if this is a struggle – follow 1 through 3, you’ll be asleep in no time) Read before bed instead of TV in the bedroom, take an epson bath. Read up on magnesium too
  • Meditate daily, if you don’t know how, find a yoga studio, check out or youtube for instruction.   Expect your mind to go nutty, it’s a “practice”

Hire a coach if you’re not using one already, that’s what we’re here for.  EVERYONE can achieve success in health, it’s up to us to decide when we are worthy of it and ready to receive it.  From there, all is possible!

Please know this, there is an unique inner power inside each of us, there is a fire that wants to be stoked, the more we do for ourselves and take back the responsibility of our health, the more that creative fire roars inside.  What is it that you want to accomplish in life?  Please don’t settle, you’re a piece of the puzzle in this world, once that authentic fire is roaring, there is no holding back to being, YOU! 

Remember, our lives will reflect our EXACT EFFORTS.  Make this a year of action, you DESERVE it!

Here’s to a New Year, a fresh start and a HUGE dose of positive energy!

Much Love and Gratitude to all of you!

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Katie Surjan