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cafeteria_man_lgRun Time: 56 minutes
Featuring: Tony Geraci

“In one generation, fruit has become a flavor, not a food.” –Tony Geraci

In the documentary, Cafeteria Man, Tony Geraci takes a bold stance as the Balitmore City Public Schools Food Service Director to create major transformation in the foods being served to over 85,000 kids each day. As Michelle Obama states in Cafeteria Man, “The foods our kids eat does have a direct effect on their learning.” This film shows what is possible with one person’s vision to go from serving foods that taste “nasty and good all at the same time” (a student’s testimony about the food prior to Geraci beginning his work), to food that literally lights up a child’s face and provides nourishment and enlightenment in his/her life.

While not all of the foods Geraci serves are anti-inflammatory (in fact, inflammation is never mentioned in this film), the movement and vision was to create a food program that brings school foods closer to their natural state is powerful. As a parent myself I am deeply committed to my child eating healthy foods and would love to see these foods accessible to all school children. This documentary shares not only the achievement in creating healthier foods for children, but equally important it, shows the success of getting kids involved in farming fresh foods, as well as getting their hands dirty in the kitchen as they form a relationship with real food for the first time. This film beautifully illustrates the possibility of healthy change within school systems. It only takes one person to make a change….that person could be a principal, a teacher, a parent, or a simply a community member who cares. It could be you!

I hope you enjoy this film, it certainly inspired me to help make a change!

Happy Watching!

Genesis Transformation Coach, Jenny Carr

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