6 Years To “Perfection”

Posted on January 5, 2015 by


life_is_a_journey-63991This is a special holiday season for me, as I will be celebrating 6 years as a Genesis Transformer – yes, 6 years as a GT student!  In my first year of adopting GT, I was working 55+ hours/week as a teacher and we had recently welcomed a new addition to our family, my first child. As things worked out, the winter my son was 1 year old, he became incredibly ill and we spent months in and out of hospitals. As I think back onto this time, I am in awe that I chose to join GT during such chaos, but I was desperate for some sort of grounding.

While I was technically a Genesis Transformer, I was FAR from “perfect” during this chaotic time in life. Essentially, I was congruent in two ways: 1. Making my weekly calls and 2. Drinking my water each week. I was just trying to survive living in a different city while my baby was trapped in a hospital for weeks and weeks with no sign of getting out. I would eat a chocolate chip cookie EVERYDAY, eat the cafeteria food at the hospital, and then throw in a few salads and fruit to make me feel like I was doing something healthy for my body.  My coach told me how important it was to stay clean so that I could be present and aware for my son….I believed her, but not enough to actually change my behaviors.

Fast forward 3 years, yes…I have definitely played the tortoise role in my transformational journey. I cleaned up my food 90% of the time and was working on self-care as a priority. This means, I was only working 45 hours/week, was spending more time with my son, cooked and prepared food one day per week as a regular routine, and was working out. My journal was hit or miss – going a few days at a time meeting my goals, and a few days at a time simply not journaling. I was still drinking 1 gallon of water each day. During the coaches training, I was reminded by Sheri  Lynn and my personal coach that life looks like a crazy squiggly line, and as long as we’re moving forward – that’s what’s counts. So, I took that to heart and continued to grunt through life’s squiggly lines all while working on adopting the Genesis Lifestyle.

Persistence, my friend! Persistence, optimism, and trust…..these few traits have been a game changer for me! While I was FAR from perfect, I persevered. I believed in myself (at least most of the time) and trusted the GT process and my coach. My health began to turn around, the numbers on the scale began to drop, and the joy in my life began to increase!

Fast forward 2 more years, I am a DEVOTED CLEAN EATER.  I write this with incredible pride, because unlike many of you (or at least many of my clients) it took me a long ass time to be able to say that, and boy does it feel good! I still drink my gallon of water each day. I move my body around every day,  I work on my elegant thinking daily AND……I journal my food (almost every day….there’s always room to improve!).

That’s right, it only took me 6 years to reach perfection, only what I’ve learned is that there is no such thing as perfection. I may perceive perfection to be someone who journals everyday (my weak link), while others may perceive perfection to be someone who meditates each day (their weak link). Perfection is all in the eye of the beholder and if I am open to growth, then I will find constant change and growth moving forward – working towards perfection, but accepting that we will never get there. As the saying goes, “It is in the journey, not in the destination.”



Jenny Carr
GT Coach