RN Advice: Post Holiday Depression

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getting startedThe holidays are over, all of the hoopla is done and the dreary winter months are upon us. Do you ever wonder why the months following Christmas makes us feel frustrated, lonely, sad or depressed instead of energized and gung-ho? For many of us, we are affected by:

  • A let down from stress adrenaline
  • Lack of sunlight (SADD)
  • Guilt of too much holiday spending
  • Too much togetherness – this is especially true for introverts whose energy is sapped by being around a lot of people
  • Regret from not holding boundaries
  • Holiday weight gain
  • Lack of self-care
  • And most importantly, detox from holiday sugar and alcohol.

What we ate and how we cared for ourselves in December is now rearing its ugly head. We are feeling the consequences of the choices we made. It is no wonder we feel blah, crabby, and irritable. This is physics! Our body and emotions are responding to how we have treated it. So how do we start feeling better.

For many of us, we set a New Year’s Resolution to try harder and do better in our self care only to lose interest by end of January. Frankly, will power only goes so far and when it vanishes I get more frustrated and depressed.

What I find most helpful is to get back to the basics; increase my accountability and practice the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) logo. First, I allow my brain and body the time and patience to experience detox from the poor December choices I made. I empower myself and DECIDE daily (or even hourly) to LOG my food, WEIGH it, not just guess, CLEAN-UP the junk that slowly entered my choices, DRINK my water, take time to BREATHE, get the REST I need, MOVE my body every day (weights, walk, yoga) and TALK nice to me. With each of these steps towards restoring my physical health, I start to feel better emotionally and mentally.

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Peggi Ingram RN BSN
Genesis Coach

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