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Below is an email from a client, with her permission and enthusiasm to help others, she agreed to let us share.

This woman continues to blow me away, she faces challenges in the eye and moves right through them with grace.  Yep, she falls down too and I see more power behind her and more change every single time she stands back up! 

Heather is a wife, a mother of two active boys and the Vice President of her corporation, which requires quite a bit of travel….I have yet to hear an excuse from her!

Heather began her process and like many, wanted to change everyone she loved after realizing the effects of real food vs. manufactured food.  We kept going over what many of us have heard – BE the change you wish to see in others.  TRUST what shows up.  Show them, don’t tell them.  Most of us have trouble with that, we want everyone else to change too.  Instead of controlling, she put her efforts and energy into self care, changing herself and letting go of what she thought others should or shouldn’t be doing.  This became her natural way of being, she let go.

Every time she wanted someone to change, she worked on herself instead.  Not ONLY is she just a few pounds away from her goal weight but she also has many amazing family numbers jumping on board to create better health… their choice.  Below is an email from Heather describing how it felt:

be the change

“Let me tell you, it has been a big week with some very interesting developments!   Now for the big WOW that happened last week…on Thursday night Chuck and I watched Fed Up.  Going into it, I knew I would love it and it would just reinforce what I believe but I never guessed it would effect Chuck the way it would have.  He said – “I’m done.  We can’t keep doing this to our kids and I can’t keep doing this to myself.”  He went over cleaned out the cabinets.  Literally, we have nothing in there except some nuts, fresh ground almond butter, no sugar added apple sauce, fruit leather with no sugar…No cereal, no chips, no pretzels, nothing like.  The boys are adjusting surprisingly well.  I am beyond myself – I can’t stop smiling.  Do you even know how amazing this feels?  I mean, I believe this, I live by these principles, now my whole family gets to experience this benefit of great health.  It feel so amazing I can’t even describe it.  Actually sitting here writing you about it almost brings me to tears.  I have been telling people at work about it, my parents.  I was checking out at Wal-Mart this weekend and Mark (4) was whining, Mommy I’m so hungry, can’t I have any of this stuff, is any of it sugar free…I at first said nope, it all has sugar, and I kept looking around and saw a little bag of pistachios – I said you can have those pistachios.  He was so stoked!  He even came home and told Chuck that I had gotten him pistachios.  That is so gratifying.  I don’t want my kids to have to undo layers of crap that they have “learned” from us 20 years from now.  I am literally changing their lives.  Its beyond believable for me.  I can’t really put words to it.”

Heather M., Park City, Utah

So proud of you Heather and so proud of all of your loved ones who were brave enough to step up and join you!

To all who want others to change, trust in Ghandi’s quote – Be the change you wish to see in the world.  It’s miraculous how our world starts realigning 🙂

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