Cleaning up my mess!

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After last month’s newsletter came out titled Hot Mess, I was inspired by Sheri’s rather direct message. I decided to take a look at my life and see what messes I could clean. Where was it that my life could use a little housekeeping?

This past year I put a few pounds on, how do I change this?
Well, I look at my behavior. Your mind will come up with INCREDIBLE STORIES to defend your behavior, trust me….it can be entertaining after the judgment wears off.
These are the areas I inspected
Eating clean food, moving, drinking water, thinking and sleep

Eating Clean Food: I was just eating clean food, not always with measurements, no real handle on ratios, probably more carbs than my body requires at this point (oh I can imagine a few of my clients jaws dropping now – you know who you are)
The Story: I eat clean, I’m a coach, I get this, I probably am detoxing something (for a whole year? Maybe)
The Action to Change: I went back into rotation, full on measuring and journaling EVERY day, if I was over/under, I CHANGED my journal to match what REALLY happened
Movement: I was walking, a little bit of kettlebell work
The Story: I overtrained my body for so many years, this is probably better for me to take a break, it’s summer, walking is good, I’ll do it tomorrow, I did kettlebells last week
The Action to Change: Barre classes 2-3 days/week, kettlebells at least one day and prescribed cardio
Sleep: Solid here
The Action To Make it even better: Taking a Epson Bath more often (just to change something)
Elegant Thinking: I was meditating daily, inspecting my thoughts, noticing any judgments and/or stories coming up….THAT I CAUGHT ANYWAY! I noticed there would be an uneasy feeling while talking to some people or about some scenarios – I decided to look deeper into this
The Story – Annoyed with other people raising my discomfort
The Action to Change: Look at MY stuff when someone strikes a chord. I can only feel bothered by it I contain, it’s not about the other person.
EVERY SINGLE ACTION I asked myself – what am I after here? If my answer was anything but being a hand of God or experiencing the beauty of others, that action was stopped (welllll, for the most part)
Water: I was drinking about 2 gallons/day
The Story: This doesn’t seem right but it IS summer
The Action to Change: Bought a Vitalizer to drink better water, the cost is $485 and the day after I purchased it, I received a random $484 that I wasn’t expecting.

The Results:
Unbelievable Empowerment to be ME
Greater “Self”-Respect
Increased Speaking Opportunities
An understanding of Humility
Gratitude for so many, in particular – my coach, Sheri
A fresh understanding of where my clients are in their process
Stronger Faith
CLARITY on levels I did not know existed
And of course, WEIGHT LOSS!


What have YOU cleaned up?

Happy Transformations this month!!

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