Choosing Freedom

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freedom2If you told me my favorite part of fat loss through GT was going to be freedom, I would have thought you were crazy and looked at you like you have two heads. Apparently, two heads ARE better than one, because they would have been correct!

Has anyone ever had these thoughts?  My butt is so big, I have a spare tire around my waistline, This cellulite is embarrassing, I look fat in all of my clothes, I can’t go to the gym, everyone will judge me, it’s impossible to lose this weight, I’m so disgusted with myself, why did I eat that crap, how do other people do it?

Judgment and comparison at it’s finest folks.

Let’s refer to these comments as being in prison. It IS sort of like being in overweight prison – we put bars up around ourselves. And with these bars of judgment, do you think we will ever be FREE to be fit, happy, healthy and reach our goals?

I’ll share with you my perception of Freedom: Freedom is the ability to accept “what is” at every moment, while knowing your actions brought you to the place you are right now. Freedom is allowing life to happen without judgment, conclusion or comparison. Freedom is to know you can choose a different course.  Freedom is to let go and let God. Freedom is to do the work and allow the results to show up without conclusions or a time frame.

Mental Freedom – complete acceptance, detached from self-limiting thinking.

When we escape the prison of self-limiting thoughts, we remove the need to comfort, hence – the “comfort foods” are a thing of the past (like ice cream, pizza, pasta, candy, alcohol, excessive TV & social media, shopping). We’re “pacified” with OURSELVES.

The mind is the real beast to tame through this process and once it is, welcome to physical, mental and emotional freedom.

Eating whole, real foods will rid your body of chemicals and allows clarity, better sleep, vision, energy, pure health and by working with a coach you can dial in your specific requirements to remove unwanted fat.

We talk about the 5 steps to Fat Loss in most articles: Clean Water, Unprocessed Real Food, Exercise, Rest and Elegant Thinking. These 5 steps will bring you to complete freedom, on so many levels! Freedom to have the body, life, career and relationships you deserve and the freedom to change what does not work for you.

Tip – it’s okay to take your time, learn what works for YOUR body and what doesn’t, get a strong hold of how to eat for YOUR goals, understand how exercise works with YOUR body chemistry, understand hormones and stress and enjoy the results each step of the way. All results are good, even if the scale is up on occasion.  This is just an opportunity to learn about your body and how it reacts to something. This is a GOOD THING.  Use that collective data to make more educated choices for YOUR body.

Allow your mind to be Free this month, let go of control. Notice how your process and life flows.

How We RollHappy Freedom Month!!
Coach Katie Surjan