Journey to my Life’s Purpose: July

Posted on July 1, 2014 by


cocoonDuring the past 6 weeks I noticed I was cocooning myself at home.  I wanted little contact with the outside world.  I didn’t feel like working out, walking and was not seeking out contact with others.  When opportunities arose, I was hesitant to accept them as I just preferred to be at home ALONE.  I found this rather odd since I usually am fed off the energies of others.  I wondered why I wanted solitude instead of connection.  How was I suppose to grow my business if I stayed hiding out in my house?

Talking to my coach, she made me aware that sometimes we need that mental and physical rest, that solitude to fill our tanks.  I contemplated this quite a bit since I never thought I would want this much space.  Accepting those feelings of quiet and solitude instead of judging them, allowed me the space to enjoy what came up and go with that. I also noticed feelings of guilt to work through.  I had worked all my life and I felt a bit guilty to be able to pamper myself.  

This past month, I spent quite some time in meditation, journalling as well as reading and just plain resting.  It was awesome.  I continue to work through any feelings that crop up as well. Now I am beginning to welcome connection from others and have even started seeking out connections with others.  

I am a work in progress and growing stronger and more alive every day.  While on some level I acknowledged changing careers would be huge for me, I had no idea the extent of the mental, physical and spiritual ‘work’ I would go through with it and it is only 6 months in!  I so welcome these changes with ease, joy and glory! I look forward to all the possibilities that are open to me!  I realize that every transformation requires cocooning in self-reflection to eventually emerge the beautiful butterfly!butterfly

Peggi Ingram RN BSN
Genesis Transformation Coach