Boating, Beaches, BBQ’s, Travel – FUN, FUN, FUN!

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Summer is here! Travel plans, kids out of school, BBQ’s, pool parties, boating, beaches, Graduation parties and more.

So how do we survive while on a journey towards increased health, fat loss and increased muscle mass? Well, how about we ask ourselves what would increase my pleasure this summer? What if all of these “perceived obstacles” ARE the journey? What sounds fun to my body during this part of the journey? REALLY tune into what your BODY says.  In years past, I would have answered this question with:  lots of boating, cheese and crackers, wine, AND LOTS OF DAIRY QUEEN ….basically zero restrictions, that sounds like a fun summer.

In Reality, that was my brain telling me what to do, not my intelligent body. My brain lives on comfort, control and predictability – my brain told me having fun meant remaining stuck where I was and made up a story about restrictions. My BODY, liked the boating part but my stomach tightens and my hearts contracts when I think about eating processed foods and drinking wine every weekend, while applied to the word “fun” and “ya gotta live a little”.  Our body will always tell the truth!  Brain – not so much 🙂

When I imagine hopping out of the shower and into a string bikini for a weekend of boating, after a walk on the beach and breakfast of protein with fresh local fruit – my body is GLOWING with excitement! Energy pours out of me, THAT sounds like fun to my body, my heart flutters, all tension is released and I have a HUGE smile on my face just thinking about this moment. To look at myself in the mirror wearing a bikini and love what I see, to have so much confidence being ME, to FEEL energy without a pot of coffee, to be ALIVE and enjoying my JOURNEY in this life, body and mind. Now THAT sounds like an amazing summer full of pleasure, fun and adventure!

There is not a one size fits all when it comes to health, therefore; learn what health looks like on YOUR body, learn how to adjust where needed, talk to a coach about adjusting into a lifestyle that aligns with your every desire.  We are only a few simple habits away from our every desire!  What if the Titanic had changed direction by 2%?  2 percent is nothing, yet they would have pulled into port untouched and the ice berg would have just been an object in the ocean with zero significance.  Just by 2% change.

Cheers to a wonderful summer my friends!   Psst, How does your life look come September? You get to choose every single choice to create THAT life starting now 🙂

Enjoy summer my magnificent friends! 🙂

Left: Coming back to GT after the holidays hit; Right: Just 10 months later.

Left: Coming back to GT after the holidays hit; Right: Just 10 months later.

Katie Surjan