Eat This – Homemade Jerky

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Homemade jerky is an invaluable travel food for summertime activities.  It packs well and doesn’t require refrigeration for camping, backpacking, hiking, boating, or any other outdoor activities you might engage in.  Bison can be replaced by any type meat roast (beef, elk, venison) and feel free to experiment with different no salt spices.  Many of our GT clients use this recipe for other meats (chicken, turkey, bison…) with great results.


NOTE:  drink extra water when you’re eating dehydrated foods – especially concentrated protein like jerky.  Otherwise, you’ll lose your body water to the digestion process itself.  This stuff needs water to digest well.

Beef Jerky

1 grass fed beef roast

Coconut Aminos (or high quality salt)


Genesis Kitchen’s Cajun Spice blend

Let roast halfway defrost until outside is a bit soft but inside still fairly frozen.  This makes the job of slicing the roast much easier.  Cut roast into jerky size strips.  Place in ziploc bag w/Coconut Aminos, pepper, and cajun seasoning.  Let marinate for 1-3 days.  Place strips on food dehydrator  sheets and dry until likeable texture (4-6 hrs).  Flip strips halfway through drying time.  This jerky does not have preservatives like store bought jerky so keep it in zip lock bags in refrigerator or freezer until time to use (it’ll be fine on the trail, no worries).   Enjoy!

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