Body Moves – July’s Beach Workout!

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Whether you’re on a family vacation or just feel like soaking up the sun and view of a lake, ocean or pond, let’s switch it up and have some fun outside!

The most important part of a beach workout, besides proper alignment, is hydration!  Throughout the summertime months, be sure you’re even more diligent about drinking water prior to your workout, during your workout and throughout the remainder of your day.   Sweat is our body’s built in air-conditioner, as we sweat more in the summer, it’s CRUCIAL to replenish that water all day long!

Water makes up about three quarters of the human mass and is a major component in every cell.  Water is THE most important nutrient we need to survive!

THIS MONTH:  we are enjoying a Tabata workout.   This is for anyone well into their HIIT workouts.  Tabata is a timed workout, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 4 minute rounds.  At the end of 4 minutes take a 2 minute break and begin your next exercise.  I like to pick 8 exercises and do each exercise for 4 minute rounds, rest 2 minutes and begin my next 4 minute round of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

Be sure to bring a large water bottle!  There is no counting reps and no need to speed through this, proper form is key to success!  The timer will do all of the counting you need, timer links below.  Be sure to take a 2 minute break in between exercise changes.

Today’s lineup on the beach:

Tabata TimerTabata Online Timer

1.Alternating Kettlebell Row: Alternate right arm for 20 seconds, 10 second rest and left side for 20 seconds.  Hinging at the hips, keep back straight, not hunched over, keep your elbow close to your body.

Alternating Row

2.Deadlifts with Kettlebells:  This exercise will work your entire backside.  Keep your spine in alignment, shoulders down and back, slight bend in the knee, toes pointing forward and no rounding backs or necks looking up.  You are using your lower body here, not your back.

Deadlift With Kettlebell

3.Kettlebell Pullover: Core engaged, if you feel your back arching, lessen the load.

4.Kettlebell Swings:  You guessed it  – spine in alignment, engaged core and your lower body does all of the work.  This is a hip thrust, not an upper body exercise.  The thrust of your hips/glutes will pop your arms up. If you feel your back slipping in form – STOP, lay on the ground and do bridges instead.

Kettlebell Swing

5. Alternating Lunges with Kettlebell:  Be aware of your alignment, core engaged, spine straight, knee is bending at 90 degrees.  If the added weight is too much, drop it and continue.

Alternating Lunge

6. Tricep Dips:  Find a bench or steps or even lifeguard stand. The only even surface I found was an old curb on a pile of rocks..  If you are feeling too much pressure on your shoulders move your feet closer to your body.  The further your feet are from your body, the harder the exercise.

Tricep Dip

7. Leg raises – be sure your lower back is touching the ground, if your arching your back, put your hands under your hips and bend your knees to take pressure off of your lower back.

8. Heel taps – working your oblique’s here, tap left heel with left hand, back to center, reach your right hand to tap right heel, back to center.

You’ll want to download a Tabata Phone App or use this free Tabata Online Timer.   I usually pick full body workouts for tabata but I also will do core exercise with a SLIGHTLY different method.  Email me for a specific workout plan for YOUR needs.

Enjoy your workout AND the change of scenery!

Rock On,

Coach Katie