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We live in an era where an increasing number of people are taking food responsibility into their own hands.  People are learning that food grown on healthy soils tastes better, that cows can eat just grass, and that fish grown in a tank have no place on the dinner table.  People are asking more questions and looking deeper for the right answers.

For this months ASK DAVE I chose to focus on an article that takes a look at Omega 6 fats and refers to studies where researchers tout their virtues.  For those Omega-newbies out there these are fatty acids, vital parts of our diet.  The growing conventional wisdom indicates that we need more Omega-3 fats in our diet; the very opposite of what the study suggests.

The article is called:  “Researchers Recommend Vegetable Oils High in Omega 6.”  I LOVE this! Everything I have been led to believe about food must be off.  Maybe I should ditch all that olive oil and get a bucket of canola. On further thought…maybe I’ll READ it first:

The research was funded by ILSI (International Life Sciences Institute North America Technical Committee on Dietary Lipids), a nonprofit science organization whose members are mainly food and beverage, agricultural, chemical, and pharmaceutical companies. Members of the specific committee include Monsanto (creates corn, canola and soybean seeds among others) as well as other large food companies.

These studies and opinions are sponsored by companies who DIRECTLY profit from the products the study recommends!  This is beyond conflict of interest, it is  ADVERTISING.  The bottom line is thisThere is only one governing body responsible for the impartial observation of our food supply; it is us.  WE are the ones who need to ask the questions and find the answers.  This is true independence; we rely on ourselves to take care of ourselves.  Yes it takes more effort.  Yes it can be frustrating.   The rewards?  Speaking from firsthand experience I can honestly say that EVERY area of my life is given a boost when I take care of myself.  Worth the effort?


The alternative to independent, educated food choices:

Sick children.

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