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michele-jpg-1I think one of the best decisions in my life happened a little over  3 years ago, as I was walking out of my doctor’s office.  The random moment lead me to Genesis Transformation.  There have been so many unexpected surprises in this journey.  From changing my body, my health, my thinking and even how I handle life and stress.   In coach training, Sheri Lynn was adamant that we DO get comfortable with change.  Little did I know that this invaluable tool – the ability to get comfortable with change – would serve me so well!

In the last year my husband took a full time job in VA, I stayed in Wyoming for several months, moved off the ranch we had lived on for close to 7 years and into our “real” house, made several trips across country (Wyoming to Virginia), left my job of six year, left Wyoming after living there for 21 years, moved permanently to Virginia, stayed home for several months and recently returned to work at a high stress call center and am in the midst of the final stages of preparing for our daughters wedding and moving into a new house (ah, the joys of renting).  Any one of these “events” would put a heavy stress load on a person.  I have been embracing these challenges with as much grace and gratitude as possible.  Change in life is inevitable, and because of the tools I have learned and continue to learn, change is no longer scary, in fact I see it more as an adventure.

A typical day varies greatly, as my days moving were different from my days of “leisure” aka unemployment.  Since my current “role” is centered around work, moving and my daughter’s wedding, it makes the most sense to catch a snapshot of my day in the height of chaos.

6:00AM– The alarm goes off and I get up, use the restroom, weigh, brush my teeth and down my first 16oz of water.  I find the floor and meditate, even if only 5 minutes.  With my husband overseas, today is short floor time (20 minutes).  Today is a fueling/rest day so its high calorie and rest as much as possible.  Shower time, get ready for work, eat breakfast of eggs and some fruit.
8:15AM– leave for work, lunch and snacks in tow.  Once at work I load up my first 32 ounces of water and get my work station ready to start taking calls.
 11:00AM– 15 minute break.  Bathroom break, I pour my next 32 ounces of water and eat my snack of chicken and veggie juice.   Back to work.

1:00PM–  Lunch time of salad greens, chicken, avocado dressing and another 16 oz of water.  I take a quick side trip outside the building to get a little vitamin D and have a little quiet time / mini meditation.

3:15PM– 15 minute break.  Hard boil eggs and the rest of my veggie juice.  Pour 16 oz of water to get me through the afternoon.

5:30PM– Leave work, head to our horses to take care of them.  Get back home and make dinner (grass fed steak and a big salad).  I have my final 32 oz of water, time to play with the dogs for a bit and clean up / pack for about 45 minutes.

8:30PM– Grab my laptop, work on some emails and notes and get ready for bed.

10:00PM– Head to bed.  Five minutes of quiet time and deep breathing before I climb into bed.

The key tools that have made this year manageable and are allowing me to not fall completely off my path and into my old patterns are:  embracing change, meditation, journaling, and having the support of my coach, Sheri Lynn, as well as the support from other GT coaches.  The GT forum is also a great place to find support.  In the beginning, my GT journey was focused on “losing weight”, but it has turned out to be so much more.  I am a profoundly different person than I was 3 years ago.

The biggest change is in my brain and how I roll through a given day, especially during high stress times.  Being able to understand the stories I tell myself and others, along with the ownership of my choices and decisions in life allow me to emerge through these incredibly stress times in life with grace, a lower level of stress and new found quest in what I can learn from this phase of my day, week and ultimately life.

Healthy and happy…

Michele John
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