Transformation: Catie Welsh (60)

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Catie Welsh After

I had always been an active, fairly strong person, but as I got older my weight started creeping up.  I had tried several diets that had worked temporarily, but the weight would sneak back on.  Then, when menopause hit, not only did my weight go up but I was putting in on in places I had never has it before.  My waist thickened and I started to get back fat (yuck!)  I hated going shopping for clothes because the styles that had once looked good on me were no longer flattering.  There also had to be something wrong with those mirrors in the dressing rooms!

In March 2012 I had a bad horse accident and fractured my pelvis in 3 places.  My attitude was pretty good and I was working hard in physical therapy, but 3 weeks after my accident, the physical therapist overdid it with me and I displaced 2 of my fractures.  At that point I was put on non-weight bearing and basically could do nothing.  I had hoped to be well enough to enjoy my usual activities in Montana for the summer (walking, golfing, and horseback riding) but after displacing my fractures, I knew my road to recovery was going to be a lot longer than originally expected.  I really became depressed which led to many trips to the refrigerator and treating myself to all sorts of sweets (my downfall).  I had been used to being active and I became downright grumpy!  I had never been that broken.  I spent my 60th birthday in a wheel chair and I felt old for the first time in my life.

My daughter told me about her friend’s mother who had gone on the Genesis Transformation program and what a huge difference it had made in her.  She also had another friend who had gone on it and looked and felt great.  This friend also told my daughter that it was quite a commitment and you really need to be at the end of your rope to do it.  Well, I was definitely there.  I had blossomed up to 144 lbs. which was 9 lbs. more than I had weighed at 9 months pregnant with my daughters.

When I got to Montana for the summer I contacted and met with Samantha. She told me about the program and said that eating the Genesis way would cause me to have a lot less inflammation in my body (that certainly was a plus!) and the levels of protein would aid in healing.  For those two reasons alone I would have signed up!  We discovered in the first couple of weeks that I was eating about 1100 calories a day and still gaining weight, so my metabolism was trashed.   So… first thing she had me do was start eating more.  I thought she was crazy!  It took some faith on my part to do what she said, but my way sure hadn’t been working so I thought what the heck!  Over the next 3 months we “healed” my metabolism.  I got up to eating 2100 calories a day (of the right stuff) and lost about 10 lbs.  Since then I have lost almost 20 more pounds and weigh less than I have in 30 years.  All this has been done by eating the right, clean foods and sticking to the program.  Because of my injuries, I was not able to do much exercise with the program.  I am happy to say, though, that today – almost a year since my accident – I feel great!  I feel healthy and have started hiking, golfing, and riding my horse again.  I’m looking forward to regaining my strength.  I even went shopping the other day because none of my clothes fit me.  You know, they must have fixed those mirrors in the dressing rooms because I thought I looked pretty good for a 60 year old!  Thanks Samantha!

Catie Welsh (60)

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